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New Year’s Travel Resolutions


I read this article today and it gave me life:

In regards to 1st resolution on the list, they talk about working while on vacation. No. Just. Stop. It. On the subject of PTO, I’m not one to like to waste PTO for no reason. Last week (as well as this week) while my office was completely dead and time was standing still, I totally could have used a PTO or two. But why? Why waste that on uselessness. If I was off I wouldn’t be doing anything productive like getting on a plane or lazing about on a hammock under the golden sun on a white sand beach, so no. Not. Necessary.

Second resolution – I hear this. I hear this last minute sometimes, but I hear this. I’m not one to enjoy depriving myself & I do love shopping, but as the first line stated “I’m of the mindset that if you want something badly enough, you’ll figure out a way.” YUP. Travel IS a choice. There are those that take amazing multi-destination journeys to exotic places in south east Asia no problems. GOALS. I looked up the cost of a flight alone to Guam (almost $3000). It’s not going to happen today or tomorrow but it will.

3rd resolution – I have no problem talking to strangers. I do have my moods though. Sometimes I like to get caught up in my own world and just observe, but I have made plenty of friends abroad. The person who wrote the article mentioned asking someone to take their photo. I wouldn’t ask, I would just sneak a pic. I’ve done it before, no problem! lol!

On to the next, I have travelled alone. I have flown alone and explored places by myself. Its a huge confidence booster. You feel completely independent! One thing I have not done is stayed in a foreign city for more than a day by myself. I have done that here within the states. I have flown abroad to places – got off the plane into the city/town and explored for a few hours by myself. Both of which are great confidence builders. It’s nice traveling with others, but there’s a different freedom you feel when you are on your own. That being said,  I don’t think I would want to stay by myself for more than a day and a half though. That gets kind of lonely. Unless the point of it is you are joining a travel group in which you will meet people from all over the world during your journey.

Next resolution – well IG isn’t my choice social media. I enjoy FB and snapchat these days. I enjoy blogging as well. If I had the time, I would love to start a youtube channel and vlog. I take tons of photos when I travel and love sharing them with my family and friends. I don’t see anything wrong with that. You are out exploring the world, you are enjoying yourself and you want to share that with your friends and family. Your true blue homies will always share your happiness, so no harm in that. Haters will hate, but I have block lists for them haters to begin with! Or I just simply don’t care.

Next resolution is the one – I sometimes feel anxiety when people bombard me telling me to go see some temple or some museum I have no interest in seeing. The FOMO does kick in and I wonder if I opt out, if I will miss something amazing? Probably not. There are certain landmarks I have seen that I probably would have been fine skipping. I took 147 photos, yes, just because I love taking photos but I prefer seeing the streets, the people & the normal way of life in foreign cities. We have amazing museums in NY that I can see. I’m not going to cry if I go to Tulum in 2 weeks (2 weeeekksss) and not see those ruins. I mean I will make the effort but it’s not like they are going to change my life. I’m more excited to check out the waters on Isla Mujeras. The sea can change my life. A monument may not. Architecture will. That’s just my opinion.

Next – To be up for anything. TOTALLY. I try to soak up as much as I can when I travel. I’m a germophobe in NYC but that seems to disappear (somewhat) when I am out of my city! lol I am not too adventurous but I have slowly seen that change in me as I am abroad. You have one life, God granted you a beautiful life, go out there & live it! Maybe one day I will zip line. Not today or tomorrow lol, but one day. I can see myself pushing towards that.

As 2016 approaches, I’ve got Mexico planned, yes again. A possible Caribbean cruise for spring, but I think late summer I want to plan something big. Lets see. I do need to map out a new India trip as well. I do not want motherland to go into the backburner but I don’t want to be one of those that only travels to the motherland and nowhere else their entire life. The last 2-3 years I had some amazing journeys but this coming year needs to make up for last years lack of travel. I can’t believe I only went to Cancun & Miami in 2015?! I think it’s because the year before I was in England, Abu Dabhi & India (I kinda want to note my late December of 2013 stumble upon Turkey as well since it was so close together.)

I wish you all a happy new year and hope its a great year filled with amazing experiences! Cheers to 2016!!!


So where did you stay??


As I sat on that plane in JFK I took a deep breath and thought to myself I don’t know where the hell I will be sleeping once I get to the other side of the world. My father gave me a pep talk a few weeks earlier. He said India is different. They don’t have heating in their homes and it’s going to be winters over there. The showers don’t always have warm water and the electricity flickers. He said he isn’t sure how comfortable I will feel, but nonetheless, him and my mom would be there if I happen to freak out. I kinda thought, okay, I’m pretty tough, I live in NY and have moved around a lot. I’ve seen a lot of crappy apartments. I’ve lived in some. I’ve dealt with life. I can handle it. But then the American mindset kicked in and I thought that a craphole in the 3rd world is way diff than a craphole in NYC. Or is it?? Nice in the 3rd world is different than nice in the US…or is it??

Anyways, I had no idea what to expect. Then I arrived. I was pleasantly surprised! Here are some pics & videos of our beautiful neighborhood in Panchkula:


The last pic is my uncle’s (thaiya ji) home. He has a balcony and the roof. The roof was scary lol. I went up there once and I was like “yeah I’m never going up there again!!!” BUTTT a day before my last day there, I decided to man those narrow stairs. Here is a clip and some photos I took from the top. What’s cool about where they live is that from above, you can see the mountains of Himachal on one side, Punjab on the other and Panchkula is basically in Haryana. I would not be upset waking up to this view every morning!!



I’m such a creeper lol



These stairs were the call of my death



My aunt lived a quick 2 min drive away. Her house is very nicely decorated. I think I liked it there a little better. There was a bit more going on. More noise, with the vegetable guy screaming through the street and such. (BTW I found that pic!! See below!!!) Here’s what her side of the street looked like:




awww my beautiful Bhua ji & the sabji walla (aunt & the vegetable man)

As everyone would take their 8th nap of the day at 1 in the afternoon and I was full of energy that wasn’t being used, I spent a lot of time watching traffic go by on the street (noo that’s not sad…ehh…maybe a little ) but it was fun at the same time. I loved people watching/street watching in India. Every time I tried to take a video though, nothing interesting happened. No interesting vehicles drove by until I put the camera down. Kinda teaches you as you travel, sometimes it’s good to just witness things as they come. One time though – LUCKILY my cousin was with me because I don’t know how I would have handled this if I was by myself. Mind you, this happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE:



This also happened:

Teach me howta be an expert vacation booker


So my weekend was fabulous!!!! I have some really exciting entreprenual projects I am starting, thanks to fabulous friends. 2016 is going to be like no other! The other awesome weekend activity was WE BOOKED MY BIRTHDAY TRIP YAY!!!!!!! Pssshhhhhh…..It only took 6 hours!!

BTW this song has turned into our Caribbean Baycation anthem  (no typo. Go to Meheeko and hear them say banilla bacation) I DON’T EVEN LIKE THIS SONG BUT I LIKE THIS SONG BECAUSE IT TAKES ME TO DI BEACH!!!!!

We could have ran into so many problems if we weren’t the types to think outside the box. We ran into some trouble due to the week around my birthday is also MLK weekend and a lot of hotels in Playa del Carmen are booked. We took a route that people with one track minds might not think to do or even frown upon. To make a 6 hour long story summed up in 2 lines we booked a (hopefully) amazing hotel right on 5th ave (the main area in PDC) but since it wasn’t available the first night we will be arriving, we took our chances and booked another hotel. This other hotel, umm, freshly opened December 4th. That could be good and bad, but we are only there one night. It looked pretty nice from what we found online (which wasn’t much, since it just just just opened!). After that, we booked the second half of our trip at an all inclusive resort in Tulum! We also plan on doing an excursion to either Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. Sounds crazy, hey?!?!? Sounds expensive, na?!?!? We actually were both shocked at how much we saved!!! Of course, we will be spending once we are there, so that will probably add things up, but we were quoted a more expensive amount through a travel agent so we were happy that booking on our own saved us about $500! On our own, we were able to get creative with that one day that wasn’t really in our favor. I’m not sure if a booking agency would give us a weird option as such. I think the only thing that may suck is with so many change in locations, the trip will fly by too fast.

So now I’ve got 3 weeks to prep!!!!! We thought it was just us that when we go to Mexico our mindset is like we are going to Jamaica and I break out all my dancehall chunes! Then I saw a iiSuperwomanii post where she was in Mexico taking in her Jamaican accent. Good to know we aren’t the only weirdo’s!!

Here’s another fav song I workout to when I know I am traveling to the tropics:

OHHHHHH and this one:

First holiday of the new year. We say these things all the time, every year and end up resorting to the same habits. This time next year I will be in a whole different light than I have been the past several years of my life. I have no space for people that drag me down. I’ve surrounded myself with positive people who push me to work harder and move me forward towards my dreams. These people encourage me and give me a positive vibe. Things have already started changing and it’s only upward from here!

Happy Holidays!!!




My first impression


I’m really late on this, I know. Those who have been following me for a while might have seen a pattern in which I tried to go in order of my travels & I really hyped up my India trip last year….yetwhereisthatpost???

I feel like I have a lot to say about India and my thoughts (therefore my posts) will be sporadic on the motherland. I told you about my journey but incase you forgot or if you are a new subscriber since that post was like from September – here is the link:

So yeah – to continue – I finally step outside into beautiful Chandigarh! —-wait, wait, wait — I don’t think I mentioned this before —before I went to India, I obviously had 10874967 different impressions going through my head, and speaking to people who regularly go to India trying to alter my impression was not something I was trying to do – especially since they go to other parts. There is a movie (Punjabi) that I grew up watching (well, not really, but it was always in the background – and my mom used to play the songs as she cooked hahah ❤ ) I told 2 friends that if Punjab does not look like the following song from that movie I’m gonna be all upset. Friend A was like “yeah yeah it will!!!! Totally!!!!” so that was excitinggg to hear even though he hasn’t been to India for like 10 years. Friend B, who also hasn’t been to India since the 90’s was more like “yeah good luck with that” – BOO!! I know, you are like “show the song already” — this is the song:

Yup – it’s old school! But that’s what I love about India. The culture is so rich. Preserve it. I was happy that at least in Chandigarh it was still pretty traditional.

I found an interesting observation was the news. My family would sit down for meals and discuss some politician who was the topic of town. We couldn’t go into Chandigarh for a few days because there were supposedly riots going on due to this fella. At the same time, those moments when the wifi worked, news back here in the US was about the black kid in Chicago who got shot by the white cop in Chicago. It was so weird how the place I was at was talking with such intensity on the issue going on in their world, while the world I am from were discussing a totally different issue and both my worlds were clueless of the other issue. That’s one to remind you that the world isn’t as small as we seem to think it is!

India is so colorful! Its so animated. At my Bhua ji’s house (Aunt – my fathers baby sister) it was like I would be sitting there and all the sudden some vibrant Bollywood song would start playing?!?!?? I’m like what’s going on??? That was basically her doorbell (OMG AWESOME IDEA I WANT A DOORBELL THAT PLAYS CHUNES!!!!) She ran out and grabbed me & she’s like “ohhhh aa ke dekh, sabji waala agaya, you vill fun” (“ohhhh come look! The vegetable man is here!! It’s fun to watch) then came the milk man & the newspaper man!! It was cool how sleepy the afternoons are and then you hear the vegetable guy in his rickshaw screaming in the street so people know he’s there. Kinda like the ice cream man here, sorta!

The reason I went to India with my parents was because I knew this was going to be the one and only time for them to show me our homeland, our family, our home, where we came from. I met family who I never even knew existed, as well as family I saw after many, many years. Now I am so close with them all and it’s soo nice!! That unconditional love you only get from your family is a priceless feeling. It’s nice to know I have a home there (a few actually) that I can go to whenever I tell them my bags are packed, I’m coming.

My next several India posts will be pictorial. The story behind the pics will be in my captions. Watch this space…to be continued…I promise I will post about India (even though I have a new vacation coming up in a few weeks!!!) but for now, here are some random pics:


These women are BOSS!!!



I thought the other women were boss but this lady is the BOSS of BOSS. She’s carrying that thing on her head WITH NO HANDS!!!


Goat Herder in the pindh!! It’s like are we in India or Afghanistan?? And what century?? #ilovethisimagesoooomuch #idonotbelongintodaysdayandage



—My family told me they were taking me for a drive…then surprised me and took this amazing Hanuman temple!!!


Pretty regularly my family goes to a specific school/shelter for abandoned girls and serves them lunch. These are some of the amazing young ladies.


This is how traffic gets jammed in the pindh

 My boyfraaanndd, Arun 🙂


This random cute kid tried to steal me away from Arun by putting on a show. Such a stud!! I almost fell for it buuuuut what can I do! I’m loyal lol


This girl had soo much spunk!!! Don’t mess with Nargis!!



at a wedding with my cousin sister


Hookah Night with my baby nephew! He tried explaining to me how hookah was invented in the villages of Haryana…….LOL

Mexico: East side vs West Side


Currently, I am planning my 3rd Meheekan Baycation (Mexican vacation. Plz keep up with the talk!). I want to get away for my birthday. Why? Because I have never done that and for the past 5 years or so I have been saying I will. What ends up happening is I’ve stayed here and done the same thing – go to the bar and get wasted (btw last year was awesome! One for the books!) I’m over it. I mean its a great excuse to see people who I only see once or twice a year and I look forward to seeing them, but how awesome would it be to climb Machu Pichu, ride an elephant or swim with dolphins on the anniversary of your birth! I am unfortunately not too adventurous. Maybe some day I will push myself to a near death experience but I need to take baby steps. And I have been! That’s a whole other blog post though!

I’ve been to Mexico twice, so I kinda wanted to go somewhere else this time. Many thoughts came to mind, but the plan is to do a cruise later in the year, once the weather gets haaat. So the plan is to go back to a place we know won’t disappoint. The idea was to maybe try the west coast, since we have done Cancun (not a fan) and Puerto Morelos (love). When researching the west coast two places peak my interest – Puerto Vallarta & Cabo.

I’m visual, so pictures speak to me first and foremost. If I like the pics, i’ll read the bio. Then I consult people. So these are a few photos that spoke to me when I googled PV:




I love a good sky. I love places that look different. I want to feel like I’m in a foreign land far, far away. This place looked exotic so I further researched and asked fellow Meheekanos. Since PV isn’t as familiar I also checked out Cabo. It appears more mountainous. To be honest, mountains don’t really do much for me. Im not visually attracted to them. Like when I went to Spain, as the plane circled over Malaga I was kinda disappointed to see pretty much:


but after a beautiful drive up to Mijas…I got a whole new appreciation.




Spain is beautiful! Mountains, appreciated. It’s like how they say there is more to a book than it’s cover. You need to read the pages to understand it.

Anyways, so Cabo. Here’s what I googled:

It looks nice!

So the west coast passed it’s preliminary test. Next I asked people who have visited. They all told me the water is brown and ugly. (BOOOO) The water is also harsh and not easy to swim in. Okay. Bye. Felicia. I also am getting a vibe that PV is kinda like a west coast Cancun. I could be wrong but I read somewhere that they have a “hotel zone” and I don’t know…a red flag flashed in front of my face.

Lets move on to the east coast! The beautiful Caribbean sea!! I have never had a bad day looking at this beauty:



These are all from Cancun. I’m not into the “19 year old frat boy from Pennsylvania get disgusting drunk and engage in even more unsightly behavior” type deal so that wasn’t for me. What WAS for me was this WATERRRRR!!!! If only I could wake up to that every morning instead of traffic in the city! The sunsets were out of this world as well. It didn’t feel like I was in a foreign land though bc of all the American tourists and there was absolutely no culture. It was like Vegas or something. Party town for college boppers. We also went into the actual town of Cancun (as opposed to the hotel zone) and it was dead and kinda creepy. Kinda looked like a deserted town in south Texas. We heard about a place that plays Reggaeton so we wanted to have one fun night of dancing. Unfortunately we couldn’t find it for a very long time in between sketch looking Walmart, Sam’s Club & Applebees. We finally did find it and we had to walk up a set of sketch stairs to find an empty, dusty room. To be fair, we were early because two girls roaming around “Real Mexico” – ya know. Get home before dark, child!

My first time in Mexico was a little south of cancun in a cute little fisherman village called Puerto Morelos. I hope this place never changes. It was breathtaking!!! I took 1237 photos. I probably took 72 shots every morning of the same view from our balcony, I repeat, every morning. Let me show you why:


View from the room


A different angle

🙂 🙂 🙂

I don’t think I need to say anything else. I was soo happy here!!!!!!!!

Here are some shots of the sunset/sky:


This was the first photo i took of the sky and I love it!!! I named it “Jungli” 😉


After the sun pics must go fun pics:

Yes thats a slide and on the other side of the rock, you can jump into the pool! It even had a waterfall! Iguanas were everywhere. That’s my friend Igor. I have an obsession with Stop signs in foreign languages. Maybe one day I’ll collect enough photos of them, create an amazing piece of art & then be rich and famous.

And I can’t forget to show you the actual town of Puerto Morelos. Very, very cute. A quick 15-20 minute walk through “Real Mexico” lol and you are there!


The walk. Pindhin’ it. Ask your punjabi friend what a pindh is if it isn’t clear enough in this pic 😉


This is the signature symbol of PM.

We also took a day trip to Playa del Carmen but I’m not going to post any pics here because I will be there again in a months time 🙂

Adios for now kiddies!!!

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb. That is the question. I got my answer.

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb. That is the question. I got my answer.

Everyone bambaclot raves about this site!! So I gave it a go last May when I was booking Miami. I’m very, very picky with where I stay. If I don’t stay somewhere that’s comfortable my whole trip is ruined/it affects my mood. Don’t kill my vibe brav! So I found a few really nice places for good prices! Since I’m the most indecisive, I spend a few hours a couple evenings until I found the one <3. Then of course, the indecisiveness kicked back in so I quadruple checked to make sure I didn’t miss anything!! Time was a wasting, so I went for it. I was pretty happy and excited with my choice!! I received a few messages on whatsapp from the girl whose room I would be renting and I thought I did a thorough job on questioning her..threw in a few tricks questions too ;). She was basically going back home to Russia and her roommate would be there if I needed anything. Everything seemed great! I recall at that point I had been dealing with a few issues regarding the trip and a couple other things I needed to handle on a checklist, so I was SO thrilled when I was able to check this off my list! It was a big sigh of relief. I slept well that night, which wasn’t the case for about 3 weeks leading to that night.

I woke up the next morning feeling FABULOUS….until I checked my phone. #garbar. (ask your Indian neighbor what that means) the girl in her broken English sent me a message saying she made a mistake and her landlord doesn’t allow sublets into the building so we need to cancel. HASHTAG HUUUUUHHHH??????

So many thoughts ran through my head but I was in shock, I was speechless. I tried to explain to her how in New York a lot of places aren’t “supposed” to sublet or airbnb out their places but you do it anyways. Just keep your mouth shut homie!!! She was still like no. I was so angry, so bummed. You know when you just lay there and stare at the wall forever frozen. Ya mon. No good. As I said I had a checklist of things to take care of regarding apartments, moving, this holiday ect all at once so every step needed to be placed accordingly. So you don’t understand how I wanted to slam somebody at oncoming traffic 🙂 #insertangelicface

I had errands to run that day involving my apartment shift. I took a cab from apt A to apt B. As I was exiting the cab, I swiped my card — and its declined…….???????????? I’m so frustrated right now! There was absolutely no reason for my card to get declined!! This didn’t make sense and my female hormones were kicking in so I’m UUPPSSEETTTTT. (Lol I’m laughing at this story now!! God I was so enraged that other people felt it, who usually give me crap on a 24/7 basis but that day they totally didn’t so ya know it was bad – hahaha) I called my bank and they said my account was frozen due to FRAUD ACTIVITY IN MY AREA WHAT THE PAGH, SON????????

Luckily my cab driver was nice and said I have used their cab service multiple times so he trusts me to pay him after I straightened this mess out. The bank fixed my account on the spot thank god, but I don’t know, I was so flustered it took me a while to figure out that it was a scam from airbnb. I have a good friend who airbnb’s out a room in her apartment (and has been for years) and it’s worked extremely well for her. This was my first time actually using the site and I guess I didn’t associate it with something like craigslist, which we all know is Scamistan.

In conclusion, I was pretty shocked with my experience. I was too naive to think scams occurred on this site. I thought it was just as legit as any tripadvisor ect. And this person was soo good, like a scammer by profession!! They whatsapped me and had some blonde Russian girl’s pic on their whatsapp pic and she looked totally normal. What’s scary is I think about how we were messaging back and forth and I could see their time stamp and when they were online ect and the whole time I thought it was some normal girl and it was probably some dirty, disgusting Russian mafia dirty old smoky man!!

After this all happened, I stayed away for a few good weeks, but then one day I was curious because I spoke to someone who told me about an amazing place they found. So I tried scanning through again to see if I could identify a scam from a solid. I don’t know man, I’m turned off and I don’t think its an option for me anymore. Once you lose trust it’s hard to gain it back!



Na badda mi pon bacation


It’s “don’t bother me Monday” It started off as “I don’t feel like doing my hair Monday” – but I don’t mind how my hair looks today all messy & junglie because its been well moisturized & its for some reason it’s sitting well without me having done anything. (coconut oil is God).

Anyways, as sometimes I wish this was a beauty blog, what was I saying? Oh yeah! Don’t bother me Monday. If you are Jamaican it would translate to “Na badda mi Monday” – I love me some Jamaican accent. I feel like it’s especially  Na Badda Mi Monday because yesterday SHE AA BADDABADDA MI!!!!!!!! And mi naa put up with that today. Okay, okay, enough patois.

You ever just get so annoyed with someone. And it’s like they just NEVER stop. I don’t know why I entertain these people as much as I do. And I have tried to do the thing where you blank out and just ignore them royally, but then they KEEP TALKING and the comebacks in your head are too good to pass up, so you keep going….ughh.

Basically this made me think about how I would never ever ever go on holiday with certain people. You ever go on a beautiful vacation to some far off beautiful place. Some magical place…but then you go with the wrong person and they piss you off in paradise. That’s the ultimate worst. I hope I never have to deal with that again!!! Its like certain people – and these are ADULTS – have no control over themselves and their attitudes. They don’t realize that they are around other people and they could at least keep things peaceful because why would you want to start dem praablems in paradise?!??!? You know why I like Jamaica and break out in patois when mi feel??? Because their motto is “NO PRAABLEM”!!!! That means lets get together & feel IRIE!!! Not bruk dem bones.

I’ve been to beautiful lands before where my travel partner has upset me to the worst. More than once. Then when I come back and people asked how I liked the vacation and I talk crap about it because regardless of how beautiful it was and how amazing – all I can think about are the travel partner ruined it for me. That’s so not cool. You go on holiday to keep your attitude to the curb, just relax, enjoy, don’t think about stressful things and then you get stressed out?? Not for me. I recently saw on social media someone went somewhere I went before and she’s having a blast. It made me sad because I went to the same place with bad company so my holiday was not fun.  I hated the place because my company stressed me out and upset me and I couldn’t just relax because I didn’t want to get in a fight with my travel partner but they were really getting on my last nerve but I couldn’t say anything because if I did I would have let it all out in the middle of paradise. How’s that for a run on sentence. Either way, either situation it ruined my trip and I will never go to that place ever again.

Anyways, that’s my Monday morning rant. Now mi drink mi coffee and get to work, mon.






Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

So yeah – I told you about my JOURNEY to my parents home. We didn’t get to the actual trip! What can I say about home? My parents live in the middle of nowhere so its absolutely relaxing! We watched movies, my mom chased me around with food, we went to meet family friends, we watched more movies, I looked through a lot of old family photos and found some treasures!

When I was in high school my parents decided (well, “decided” because my dad got a new job) to move to like the most useless town in the whole world. Dakota Dunes, SD. We were in Michigan before. Some might think that’s comparably boring. Actually they think its cold but its the same temp as NYC. Michigan has a lot of pine trees.

Anyways, Dakota Dunes. Its right on the highway of Sioux City, Iowa. If you google Dakota Dunes, nothing may show up. My dad is retired now but they stayed in the town because… I’ll show you pics of their neighborhood and if you are old & retired, this is the life you appreciate and you don’t care that you have no real city anywhere close by. Who cares when you can grow a whole garden in your front and back yard – flowers in the front, tomatoes & eggplant in the back! Even some Indian peppers! My dad is quite the gardener and my mom is quite the cook. In fact, my parents even make their own acchar (Indian pickle) in our back yard in the summer time! (you are supposed to dry the lemon/limes/mango in the sun for like 2 weeks or something). To me though, the slow life drives me crazy!! WALK FASTER HOMIE!!!

That’s all that I can really say about the Pindh (that’s what we call it. Pindh means “village/farm”) I will admit the neighborhood is pretty, clean, spectacular homes. I have an interest in modern architecture and design, so I enjoy going for walks/drives and looking at the new developments; but I don’t know what these people do to pass their time. I guess everyone is different! The rest of this post will be pictorial. Because you have never seen South Dakota before and you’re curious. As I said, I do love design and architecture, so hopefully some of you will as well and enjoy these different style homes! Enjoy the pindh:



I LOVE this home!! If I ever build a home I want it to look like this unless I find something better I like lol.



Enter a caption

I have noooo idea what this is supposed to be?????




This house is being built with an elevator. Laziness at its best! I guess if you are old and have money to burn on useless things, more power to ya!


My parents are actually friends with the Indian couple that live here in this weird shaped home lol