Teach me howta be an expert vacation booker


So my weekend was fabulous!!!! I have some really exciting entreprenual projects I am starting, thanks to fabulous friends. 2016 is going to be like no other! The other awesome weekend activity was WE BOOKED MY BIRTHDAY TRIP YAY!!!!!!! Pssshhhhhh…..It only took 6 hours!!

BTW this song has turned into our Caribbean Baycation anthem  (no typo. Go to Meheeko and hear them say banilla bacation) I DON’T EVEN LIKE THIS SONG BUT I LIKE THIS SONG BECAUSE IT TAKES ME TO DI BEACH!!!!!

We could have ran into so many problems if we weren’t the types to think outside the box. We ran into some trouble due to the week around my birthday is also MLK weekend and a lot of hotels in Playa del Carmen are booked. We took a route that people with one track minds might not think to do or even frown upon. To make a 6 hour long story summed up in 2 lines we booked a (hopefully) amazing hotel right on 5th ave (the main area in PDC) but since it wasn’t available the first night we will be arriving, we took our chances and booked another hotel. This other hotel, umm, freshly opened December 4th. That could be good and bad, but we are only there one night. It looked pretty nice from what we found online (which wasn’t much, since it just just just opened!). After that, we booked the second half of our trip at an all inclusive resort in Tulum! We also plan on doing an excursion to either Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. Sounds crazy, hey?!?!? Sounds expensive, na?!?!? We actually were both shocked at how much we saved!!! Of course, we will be spending once we are there, so that will probably add things up, but we were quoted a more expensive amount through a travel agent so we were happy that booking on our own saved us about $500! On our own, we were able to get creative with that one day that wasn’t really in our favor. I’m not sure if a booking agency would give us a weird option as such. I think the only thing that may suck is with so many change in locations, the trip will fly by too fast.

So now I’ve got 3 weeks to prep!!!!! We thought it was just us that when we go to Mexico our mindset is like we are going to Jamaica and I break out all my dancehall chunes! Then I saw a iiSuperwomanii post where she was in Mexico taking in her Jamaican accent. Good to know we aren’t the only weirdo’s!!

Here’s another fav song I workout to when I know I am traveling to the tropics:

OHHHHHH and this one:

First holiday of the new year. We say these things all the time, every year and end up resorting to the same habits. This time next year I will be in a whole different light than I have been the past several years of my life. I have no space for people that drag me down. I’ve surrounded myself with positive people who push me to work harder and move me forward towards my dreams. These people encourage me and give me a positive vibe. Things have already started changing and it’s only upward from here!

Happy Holidays!!!





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Hi! I'm a luxury lifestyle blogger from New York City. My roots come from India and I grew up in a Punjabi home and was raised with Hindu traditions in America. I am extremely in touch with my culture thankfully, which is why I have a great appreciation towards all cultures of the world! We have been blessed with the gift of life on the planet earth. When I'm 90 years old lying on my death bed looking back at my life, I want to make sure I took full advantage of this beautiful life I was blessed with. I want to explore as much of this amazing world we live in and live life to the fullest! I knew traveling was something I had to start doing and will continue to do. I've always been intrigued by the world and different cultures. I have always wanted to explore and see as much of the world as I can! Life is all about experiences, meeting people, learning new ways and concepts and taking risks. This blog is meant to be fun & entertaining but it also provides my personal experiences and what you might expect to discover while traveling. It also will include fashion and beauty posts as well as random thoughts and stories, since a kaleidoscope is meant to be a colorfully shaken mix of entertainment! I hope you find my blog interesting, fun, funny & informative, but most of all entertaining!!

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