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Sultan Cave Suites – Cappadocia, Turkey

Sultan Cave Suites – Cappadocia, Turkey

Set on a hill with breathtaking views, experience Cappadocia cave living in modern-day luxury!





Terraced above the village of Goreme, this exotic hotel offers the modern traveler a unique cave hotel experience. Relax & enjoy breathtaking views from the many stone terraces. The most picturesque experience is taken place in the early morning at sunrise, where one can bask at the sight of hot air balloons adoring the sky! You may also enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the village and surrounding valleys, mountains and the Erciyes volcano in the background. Heavenly!





Aside from the view, the hotel itself is a visual delight with each room, corner and terrace charmingly decorated with simple artifacts showing the unique history of the area.  Built over the ancient cave dwellings used for centuries by locals, all the original cave walls have been preserved and integrated harmoniously into the room designs.






In addition to preserving local architecture, Mehmet Dasdeler (of Sultan Cave Suites) opened the Cappadocia Cultural Center in the hotel. The three gallery rooms showcase antiques from across the ages. The Cultural Center also supports local and international artists by offering classical concerts, local traditional music concerts and art exhibits by local and international artists.






I highly recommend staying here if you are looking for a non-traditional, adventurous accommodation!





Location: 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Turkey

-Karen Bahri


Three undiscovered Caribbean islands to discover now!

Three undiscovered Caribbean islands to discover now!


Aruba, Jamaica and The Dominican Republic are a few amazing islands commonly thought about as one tries to figure out which island to explore when planning an escape to the Caribbean. The choice is limitless and you may become confused trying to figure out where to go. I have provided for you three islands under the radar that are less touristy and offer experiences that will appeal to those looking for seclusion, adventure or both; which means you will get the ultimate Caribbean vibe!

The old Caribbean; safe, friendly and charming with exquisite natural beauty both above and below her waterline.



Montserrat is one of a handful of Caribbean islands still relatively untouched by mass tourism. Known as the “Emerald Isle,” Montserrat has a rich Irish heritage and is the only country outside Ireland that recognizes St. Patrick’s Day as an official holiday. Visitors even get a shamrock stamp in their passports.



Volcano tourism is the island’s most unique draw. Lookout spots including Jack Point Hill and Montserrat Volcano Observatory offer views of the eruption’s brute impact. The Exclusion Zone, which is the southern part of the island where eerie remains of the former capital city of Plymouth lie buried under a lunarscape of volcanic ash, looks like a modern-day Pompeii. One may become drawn by the slow rhythm, the friendly locals, the fabulous hiking and birdwatching, and the blessedly tranquil ambience.



The mountainous island of Saba delivers a remote escape known for ecotourism, including hikes, climbs and spectacular dives.



The smallest island (five square miles) in the Netherlands Antilles, Saba is primarily a dormant volcano covered in rain forest. A single road (aptly named “The Road”) takes visitors to quaint cottage filled villages, where you can purchase the traditional Saba lace. Saba is ringed by coral reef, it rises sharply from the sea, with the aptly named Mount Scenery — the highest point in the Netherlands — as its misty peak.

Statia/St. Eustatius


The quietest corner of the Dutch Caribbean, St. Eustatius, or “Statia”, is known as the Caribbean’s hidden treasure. Today, Statia’s few visitors are intrepid scuba divers, and hikers exploring its rugged, volcanic terrain.



Divers may discover dazzling reefs, gorgeous marine life, rusting wrecks, anchors and cannons are a few examples of what mysteries one may uncover under the sea!

Hiking is also popular on the island. Visitors can take a half-day hike to the 2,000 foot Quill National Park, a classically shaped volcano with a forest-filled crater. Orchids, fruit trees and ferns thrive in this unique environment.

A serene, old-Caribbean pace is highly felt as the sleepy island has a population of around 4,000 inhabitants!


-Karen Bahri



Mumbai’s First ever Floating restaurant!

Mumbai’s First ever Floating restaurant!


If you think you don’t have enough reasons to go to Mumbai, I’ll give a very good one! The first ever FLOATING restaurant recently launched in the city! You heard me – F-L-O-A-T-I-N-G!




AB Celestial is the first ever Floating restaurant in Mumbai. Designed and imported from the US, it entails a three-tier luxury dining floatel with a sky deck, two galleys and a capacity to accommodate a minimum of 660 guests across four tiers!




Incase it wasn’t obvious, you get a 360 degree view of Mumbai and the Arabian Sea. The ground floor will include a 24 hour coffee shop where as the first floor will be banqueting. The second floor will be a high end lounge bar and the open terrace will be the sky lounge.




Although it was launched back in 2014, it had not been open to public due to issues of permission. The flotal is docked at the Maharashtra Maritime Board’s jetty at Bandra under the Bandra-Worli Sea link.




I know what you are thinking. What’s up with the name?? The “AB” stands for Aishwarya Bhende, the 21-year-old owner of the three-floor luxury dining yacht. She has designed the entire interiors for the yacht, and been involved with it since its inception!




Imagine how incredibly serene watching sunset over the sea would be from the upper deck! From the wooden floors sparkling to perfection to the ambience and lighting, AB Celestial, especially after sunset, becomes Celestial!




-Karen Bahri

Discover Australia with me!

Discover Australia with me!

Welcome back to my channel guys!!!! Sorry for the gap. Been sick. Better now but for some reason I can’t hear out if my left ear how do I fix this? It’s annoying. I bought some drops but no luck yet ughhh!

Anyways, been watching a lot of vlogs from people in Australia so I’ve got Aussie land heavy on my mind!

Australia is world famous for its natural wonders and wide open spaces, its beaches, deserts, “the bush”, and “the Outback”.


Australia is one of the world’s most highly urbanised countries; it is well known for the attractions of its large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The cities are as stunning and colorful at night as they are bright and sunny by day!


Gold Coast





Honestly I’m not too familiar with Australia. But as I’ve been watching these vloggers – one set being from Sydney and the other set being from Melbourne it’s peeked my curiosity. Seems as the above mentioned 4 cities are the top spots as well as the beaches on the gold coast, which is a beachy area close to Brisbane. As I have googled pictures, all of these cities lool gorgeous and are all by the coast! I really hate comparing places but it appears as if Sydney is the Australian version of New York and Melbourne could be the Aussie version of LA. Maybe Perth is the Aussie Miami, they have lots of Palm tree haha!


Palm Trees in Perth

I also wonder if Aussie’s think their accent is totally different from the British. I was watching one of the vlogs and the guy was mimicking a British accent and he literally sounded the same haha! I think the biggest difference is they elongate some of the vowels.

Anyways! Here are some pretty pics I found off all four cities and I’m going to include some of the gold coast too! There are probably many, many more cities, beach towns, islands I am not mentioning but we can talk about those later 🙂













-Karen Bahri

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque – Iran’s Colourful Kaleidoscope is a spiritual awakening!

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque – Iran’s Colourful Kaleidoscope is a spiritual awakening!

From the outside, the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, seems like a fairly traditional house of worship — but it hides a gorgeously colorful secret…





The multitude of stained glass windows turn the inside of the mosque into a mosaic wonderland of color that is absolutely breathtaking!!! It is also known as the “Pink Mosque” for its rose-colored tiles that cover the interior. However, choosing just one color doesn’t do justice to the kaleidoscope of hues that decorate this masterpiece.




It is said that the mosque’s beauty is best appreciated in the dawn’s morning light. In fact, you can only see the light through the stained glass in the early morning. It was built to catch the morning sun, therefore, if you visit at noon, it will unfortunately be too late to catch the light. This is a case in which the early bird does catch the worm! So rise and shine!!





The sight of the morning sunlight shining through the colorful stained glass, which then falls over the tightly woven Persian carpet is soo enchanting that it takes you straight into another world! There is something very enlightening about the whole experience that even the world’s most unreligious person can’t help but feel the spiritual energy once they experience the brilliance of the energy from the light and the kaleidoscopic colors!





If the beaming light and the vibrant colors are not enough to take your fancy, the intricate design of the arches and niches of the architecture are also gorgeously designed and painted very mesmerizingly so, that I know you will fall in love!


Ceiling work




Though Masjid al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem and Istanbul’s Blue Mosque both feature stained glass windows as well, they are fairly uncommon in mosque architecture as a whole. The rarity of architecture like this makes Nasir al-Mulk all the more precious.






-Karen Bahri




The Rock – A luxurious fairytale in the Indian Ocean

The Rock – A luxurious fairytale in the Indian Ocean

Call it a beautiful drop of luxury in the Indian Ocean. The Rock – A fairytale restaurant perched in the Indian Ocean off Zanzibar. It is by far one of the most unusual and unique restaurants in the entire world!


If there was anywhere to travel half way around the world for, it just might be The Rock in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This restaurant, perched on a rock in the Indian Ocean, is straight from a fairy tale!!! During high tide, it becomes a veritable island with a wooden boat taking you the short distance to shore. In low tide, you simply walk across the seaweed strewn beach to get to this magical place. Both methods will take you to a rickety wooden staircase and into the restaurant, built in the local Zanzibar architectural style with a Makuti palm tree roof.



Inside the restaurant you will find 12 cozy tables while if you head to the back, you will find a beautiful patio surrounded by the turquoise sea.








The menu at the Rock is seafood inspired as well as an incredible cocktail menu. Be aware it is a bit on the prettier side of the penny. A two person meal with starter and main course with two cocktails will run you about $90. As a New Yorker, this is pretty standard though.








The wine list is impressive and you can even got a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne for $330. They have a variety of tropical cocktails to entice you as well. You can take your drinks out the the terrace and take in the beauty of the surrounding ocean and ponder about what life should really be about while watching the sunset – ahhhhh sounds wonderful to me!!!





So how did this come about and who thought of this unusually magnificent idea?? The story is, as is often the case in Zanzibar, a little blurry round the edges. The people behind this hotel project were (probably) Italian. They left the island because they may or may not have not satisfied the right people in government. Do they still own it? Did they own it in the first place? Possibly.

However it began, it is an absolute unique experience! It being in the ocean though, one cannot control mother nature, so the view will depend on if the tide is high or low. Overall though, it’s worth the adventure!









-Karen Bahri 

Over-Water Villas & Outdoor Showers? YES PLEASE! #MaldivesGoalVacation

Over-Water Villas & Outdoor Showers? YES PLEASE!  #MaldivesGoalVacation

Helloooo my colourful Kaleidoscopers!!!

I hope all of you are having a great start to the year! I have something I want to talk about! Goals. My goals in life are travel related. I want to see the world, wear diamonds, stay at luxurious resorts and make friends with locals. My daily motivational speech to myself are along the lines of “I wanna go to this country and stay and that resort.”


I stumbled upon a youtube video of a resort in the Maldives that I just cannot get out of my head. Its like one of my ULTIMATE goal destinations that I want to pamper myself with. It won’t happen soon bc its really expensive (around $900/NIGHT, fam!) and if I travel the 72 hours on planes and trains and boats to get to the Maldives I better spend at least a month! But momentary my eyes are locked on the Six Senses Laamu!




They have over-water and over-land villas, for those afraid of sharks. As funny as it sounds, the part that struck me the most about this resort (besides the fact its a 5 star resort with 1250 excellent reviews) is that there is an outdoor shower! Lol! Aaannddd…a glass bathtub with a window looking out into the ocean!!!!! And under the tub (and various areas of the floor throughout the villa) is glass so imagine you sitting in the bathtub and you look down into the ocean AAAHHHHHHHHH I WANT IT SOOO BAD!!!! I’ve never stated at an over-water villa and just the thought seems soo heavenly!!!





This is something I will do in the next 5ish years, so watch this space, because you know I’ll be taking 28543 pics & posting them all on my *new* instagram page! (karenskaleidoscope on insta, find me! Follow me!)

I’m not gonna say anymore. The pics can do the talking! 










~Karen Bahri 

Life is an adventure! Visit Guam!


I know since the year started, my blog has been less travel (although in my mind, I can give you reason on how it relates to “travel” in maybe an unconventional form) my blog has turned into a more personal diary of what has been going on in my life, I guess. I will include entries about myself and my family and personal thoughts and feelings. This is MY kaleidoscope, after all! But anyways, back to an entry focused more on the topic…

I discovered Guam by mistake while researching something else. Now it’s def on my bucket list! From time to time, I like to look up far off, out of the loop places and see if they are worth checking out in some point of my life. I like to keep my bucketlist exotic, ya know. One life, live it to the max and go places you never thought you would ever! That’s that way I want to live my life. There is definitely a lot to this exotic little island!! I never even knew it’s considered a U.S. territory and we don’t need a passport to go there! Keep reading if you are ready to explore a fascinating, beautiful, far off and exotic island!

Guam is also called “Guahah” by it’s natives. When I hear the word “Guam” it reminds me of Guava fruit for some reason lol. Maybe they have good guava or other tropical fruit on the island? I am sure they do! They get a lot of Japanese tourists, since Japan is right there. It’s the largest and most southern island of the Mariana Islands. they speak English as well as their native language called Chamorro. The culture of the natives are a mix of Asian, Spanish and American. They are considered warm & friendly and the crime rate is low on the island.

Tumon is the popular tourist hub and known for it’s beautiful world renowned beaches! They are said to have the perfect temperature so you can enjoy splashing around! What’s insane is that you can find star-sand beaches (!) (?) Ritidian beach is said to be hands down the best beach. They have plenty of shopping and nightlife in Tumon. Guam has a great deal of water sports and activities to take part in.

The sunsets will take your breath away!!!! Shades of orange and pink contrast against the deepening shade of the ocean to create the perfect ambiance for a romantic walk on the beach. This is a perfect honeymoon destination!

The only thing I didn’t notice is that I don’t think that they have many of those over water bungalows as they do in like Bali or the Maldives. If I find a resort that has one, I would still consider it a honeymoon destination. An over water bungalow is high on my check list as far as a honeymoon destination. Otherwise I would just consider this for another special occasion get away! Well, since it IS on my bucket list now, and I am a woman of my word, the day I check it out, I will give you my full “after” review. For now, check out some photos I found and dream about it with me:


Guam, Tumon Bay, Reef Hotel.

Guam, Tumon Bay, Reef Hotel.












The Hills are Alive…

The Hills are Alive…

ALLLLOWWWHAAA 🙂 Happy Friday!! Before I get started, I hope you all like my new design? If you are reading this on your phone, you won’t be able to see it. Jump on your computer! Now back to our regularly scheduled programme:

You know how here we go on weekend road trips to other cities or the Pocono’s or like Maine or some crap? Well, in India, they do weekend getaways to the “Hill Stations” as they call it. Many may not be aware but India is very well known for its glorious hills! I’m not just speaking of the Himalayas either. I think people get distracted with the diverse cultures & religious places that they may not think or be aware of this, but the hills are so beautiful in India! When I was there, my thaiya ji (uncle – my dad’s older bruvski) took us to Kasauli, which is located in Himachal Pradesh and is known for it’s beautiful resorts.

Remember a few posts ago I talked about how I love creating trips within trips? It must be something passed down in my family, because on our way up to Kasauli, we stopped at this other hill station lodge type place called Timber Trail. My uncle is a member of what we would consider country clubs here in the states. Members only clubs where people hang out, dine, drink, admire the view, relax, golf, swim ect ect you get the point. My uncle is pretty much a member of every club and gymkhana in the greater Chandigarh area. A Gymkhana is also like a country club. Originally referred to a place of assembly. The meaning then altered to denote a place where skill-based contests were held. “Gymkhana” was the name coined during the British Raj for “gentlemen’s club”. My family and typically people nowadays just go to these places to relax & dine as well as a lot of them have rooms you can stay in like a hotel/resort incase you want to get away for a few days. Depending on the facilities at the specific location, people also golf, swim and such.

Anyways, it was a beautiful drive up the mountain ways! We stopped at some little stall on the way up to buy some juice. I was addicted to this specific guava juice and my family always got me wayyy too much – because they knew I liked it :).

Love the traffic in India!!

Love the traffic in India!!




Here are some photos at Timber Trail.

10351899_10105480722300510_4689705025871676263_n 10375033_10105480728907270_6842751789603604254_n 10415546_10105480722310490_5379363671782464069_n 10523170_10105480722315480_6404558331874429901_n 10801822_10105480722320470_1192704826469504823_n 10857896_10105480722305500_9013895454885662058_n 10847960_10105480728897290_2525842597146738542_n

As we were drinking Limca & Chai, my thaiya ji told me to look at a specific mountain. It was reallllyyyy tall and there was a cable cord hanging from it. He said this cable cord leads to a restaurant at the highest peak. People ride a cart up to get there and the view is out of this world! Popular honeymoon spot. Soooo cool but sooo scary!! I asked him if it’s ever malfunctioned and if so, how many deaths. #itISIndiaafterall


Don’t die for me Argentina!!!

Okay time to leave Timber Trail and head up to Kasauli. As we got back to the car, I saw this sign in the parking lot:

Only in India! We keep it real.

Only in India! We keep it real.

Finally arrived at Kasauli. We went to the Kasauli Club, where my uncle is a member. Located at a height of 6142 feet! Established in 1880, you literally are stepping back many decades in time! It is currently located within Indian Army premises and managed by a regular Indian Army Officer as Club Secretary, aided by civilian staff.

Some background info, The Kasauli Club was founded as the ‘Kasauli Reading and Assembly Rooms’ by a group of Englishmen. The Club was meant only for the English besides a few highly placed Indians. It established a reputation for good food, good drink and a smart social circle; a tradition, which still continues. The Kasauli Club is still famous and its membership is most sought after. You can read more about it here:

Here are a few of the Kasuali Club:




Enter a caption

Just monkeying around!10848047_10105480747320370_1557800215934819475_n




Enter a caption





After a relaxing afternoon at Kasauli, we headed out and the view of the mountains as the sun was setting was breathtaking! I tried to take pics of the lights from the homes along the mountains but it absolutely did no justice. Its just one of those things that only the eye can witness in all it’s beauty. We did make one last quick stop to this place called Sunset Point where the sunset is supposed to be amazing. My thaiya ji didn’t have the patience so we didn’t get to see the sunset LOL:


Teach me howta be an expert vacation booker


So my weekend was fabulous!!!! I have some really exciting entreprenual projects I am starting, thanks to fabulous friends. 2016 is going to be like no other! The other awesome weekend activity was WE BOOKED MY BIRTHDAY TRIP YAY!!!!!!! Pssshhhhhh…..It only took 6 hours!!

BTW this song has turned into our Caribbean Baycation anthem  (no typo. Go to Meheeko and hear them say banilla bacation) I DON’T EVEN LIKE THIS SONG BUT I LIKE THIS SONG BECAUSE IT TAKES ME TO DI BEACH!!!!!

We could have ran into so many problems if we weren’t the types to think outside the box. We ran into some trouble due to the week around my birthday is also MLK weekend and a lot of hotels in Playa del Carmen are booked. We took a route that people with one track minds might not think to do or even frown upon. To make a 6 hour long story summed up in 2 lines we booked a (hopefully) amazing hotel right on 5th ave (the main area in PDC) but since it wasn’t available the first night we will be arriving, we took our chances and booked another hotel. This other hotel, umm, freshly opened December 4th. That could be good and bad, but we are only there one night. It looked pretty nice from what we found online (which wasn’t much, since it just just just opened!). After that, we booked the second half of our trip at an all inclusive resort in Tulum! We also plan on doing an excursion to either Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. Sounds crazy, hey?!?!? Sounds expensive, na?!?!? We actually were both shocked at how much we saved!!! Of course, we will be spending once we are there, so that will probably add things up, but we were quoted a more expensive amount through a travel agent so we were happy that booking on our own saved us about $500! On our own, we were able to get creative with that one day that wasn’t really in our favor. I’m not sure if a booking agency would give us a weird option as such. I think the only thing that may suck is with so many change in locations, the trip will fly by too fast.

So now I’ve got 3 weeks to prep!!!!! We thought it was just us that when we go to Mexico our mindset is like we are going to Jamaica and I break out all my dancehall chunes! Then I saw a iiSuperwomanii post where she was in Mexico taking in her Jamaican accent. Good to know we aren’t the only weirdo’s!!

Here’s another fav song I workout to when I know I am traveling to the tropics:

OHHHHHH and this one:

First holiday of the new year. We say these things all the time, every year and end up resorting to the same habits. This time next year I will be in a whole different light than I have been the past several years of my life. I have no space for people that drag me down. I’ve surrounded myself with positive people who push me to work harder and move me forward towards my dreams. These people encourage me and give me a positive vibe. Things have already started changing and it’s only upward from here!

Happy Holidays!!!