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Lath Mar Holi – aka Holi gone Violent!


Holi – the celebration of spring, the festival of colors originating in India is the festival that signifies good over evil as well as the welcoming of spring.  For many, it is a festive time to meet others, play, laugh, forget and forgive, repair broken bonds and spread happiness and positive vibes.

Different regions in India, as well as the diaspora, like to add their own unique twist to this colorful festival. Lath Mar Holi is a celebration in the towns of Barsana and Nandgaon, which are near Mathura in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This celebration takes place days before actual Holi.


Lath Mar Holi translates loosely into something like “the hitting sticks Holi ” – A LATH/Lathi is a thick traditional type of stick. Mar (I think it should be spelled in English like MAAR, because Mar means to die) means to hit. You get me..


According to legend, Lord Krishna visited his beloved Radha’s village on this day and playfully teased her and her friends (*insert eye roll* Siiggghhhhhhh!).


Don’t even think about messing with me, Krish!!! I’m warning you….

The women of Barsana, taking offense to this, chased him away. 


I don’t think much has changed in this day and age!

Keeping this tradition alive, the men from Nandgaon visit Barsana each year – and each year the women of Barsana await them, Lathi in hand! 


(It’s like they never get it!)



The men try to shield themselves as much as they can while the ladies attack them with the sticks – hahahah!


don’t mess with me, homie!



The unlucky ones are captured and then are forced wear female clothing and dance in public. (*I need that one emoji*)





The festivities are held in the sprawling compound of the Radha Rani temple in Barsana, which is said to be the only temple in the country that is dedicated to Goddess Radha.



Thousands gather to witness the festivities and watch the men get beat up by the women! And let me tell you, like any desi party, the crowd getssssss hysterical, sing Holi Songs and shouting out for their team!! Sri Radha vs Sri Krishna. It’s insane! It’s so insane, the women of Barsana start preparing a month in advance.




Holi is one of the largest festivals in India. In general, it signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and the end of winter. People typically throw kaleidoscopes of colored powder/water at each other playfully.




Growing up in the US, I have fond memories of DANCE PRACTICE for Holi shows in school and within the community.  I used to do choreographed dances on stage for functions, as I think most kids in my generation did.

I hope you have a very kaleidoscopically colorful, joyous Holi – and ladies, please don’t go chasing any men with sticks – you most likely are not in Barsana and we have laws here! 🙂 HAPPY HOLI!


-Karen Bahri



The Coolest Accomodations near the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights are definitely something one must experience in life. What an incredible experience to witness with your own eyes! To get the best of it, you would want to stay at an equally incredible hotel, but of course! Nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, can be viewed in a range of purpose-built spaces, from glass igloos to luxury suites. Some fun ways to experience the Northern Lights, if you can take on the cold, are snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling as well as a dog sled tour. If you are not so adventurous though, and hate the cold, here’s a list of places you really wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of to experience the Northern Lights. I broke it down to Finland, Iceland and a bonus track from Sweden, because otherwise we would be here forever!



Arctic TreeHouse Hotel




Located on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, this resort has individual Arctic TreeHouse suites. They are housed in exclusive Scandinavian wooden design, which combines local tradition and Lappish heritage. With one side comprised of a panoramic window you get spectacular views over the treetops! The units rest on short stilts and overlook a shallow valley, with a clear view of the Northern Lights.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort




This igloo village contains igloos made of glass, which have been designed so that windows don’t frost over or steam up. During the coldest part of the season, the accommodation range extends to traditional snow igloos, providing the option of a more authentic Lapland experience! Also, this hotel has ski-to-door access and ski equipment, bike rental and car rental are available as well as lots of other activities!


Levin Iglut




This Lapland hotel also offers glass igloos from which to observe the Arctic skies in comfort. It also offers a part-subterranean Northern Lights House – complete with large windows enabling you to watch the lights play. Guests can also choose to enjoy the kaleidoscope above from the house’s private terrace, where a hot tub provides comfort from the cold winter evenings.


5 Million Star Hotel

When I give my five million dollar advice to people, I often say not to live life in a bubble – but this time, I’m telling you to please live life in a bubble!!

About 1.5 to 2 hours east of Reykjavik by car, the 5 Million Star Hotel offers five individual bubble rooms to watch as the Northern Lights dance over the night sky! Each bubble—named Una, Asta, Thorunn, Valdis, and Maria—is kept inflated by a slight over-pressure from a noiseless ventilation system that also prevents humidity. They also include heating elements with a thermostat so the bubble stays warm all winter. That’s key, given the remote location of all the bubbles and the fact average daily temperatures dip to 28 degrees Fahrenheit in January. The bubbles are totally transparent, but privacy is maintained by ensuring that no other rooms ever overlook a guest’s space – also to maintain privacy, the company does not provide the exact address of the pods until after they have been booked and secured with a down payment. What an out of this world experience to be resting in your bubble as the Northern lights shine directly above you! INSANEEE!!!!





ION Luxury Adventure




An abandoned inn turned boutique, eco-friendly hotel in Iceland, the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel’s concrete and glass facade rises from the Icelandic landscape like a set piece in a science fiction fantasy! This amazingness is where modern design meets Iceland’s incomparable natural landscape. The hotel provides a peaceful and remote escape with stunning architecture, access to spectacular natural sights like glaciers, volcanoes, and lakes as well as amazing views of the Northern Lights.


Hotel Ranga




This hotel is in a geographical region that has very favorable conditions for viewing the Northern Lights. Built log-cabin style, the traditional design of this countryside hotel (two hours from Reykjavik) offers cozy and intimate interiors. Guests are met in reception by the sight of a polar bear statue towering more than 10ft-high! Upstairs, a balcony wraps around the hotel’s bar, at night providing a backdrop of twinkling stars and, if you’re lucky, the green shimmer of the Northern Lights.


Northern Lights Inn




Visitors to the Northern Lights Inn are provided with detailed aurora forecasts and enjoy impressive views from the panoramic windows of the hotel’s restaurant. The inn is just a short walk from the hot-springs of the island’s famous Blue Lagoon. If you’re lucky, you can bathe in the waters of the spring and watch as solar winds trail ribbons of green light through the thermosphere!










I am pretty sure I posted about this a while ago if you follow my Instagram (karenskaleidoscope – followwww). Icehotel is a world famous hotel and an art exhibition made entirely of ice and snow. Annually constructed, The Icehotel offers the ultimate cool accommodation! Guests can nap wrapped in thermal sleeping bags atop beds of reindeer skins, as the temperature inside hovers between -5C and -8C. There are more traditional rooms and chalets for the less adventurous. The hotel offers overnight excursions in search of the Northern Lights, and guests can choose between a snowmobile or their very own howling dog sled team! The Icehotel is famous for creating incredible sculptures of art out of the ice! Definitely something you HAVE to check out!!


This is just a small list of accommodations to consider so you can lie back, open your eyes and get lost in the intricacies of the zodiac and if possible, the kaleidoscope of the Northern Lights! The Northern Lights should be on anyone’s bucket-list who enjoy exploring the phenomenal mystery of mother nature!

-Karen Bahri

Best places to catch the Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World

Best places to catch the Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World



I love sunsets! I love taking pics of sunsets! I love sunrises! I love taking pics of sunrises! Basically, I love a pretty sky. Read on for your guide to where in the world you are guaranteed to catch a colorful, beautiful, picturesque and awe-inspiring sunset.




Well if this wasn’t a given! Santorini, known for its distinctive white and blue architecture, is one of the most beautiful places in the world! The sunset can be captured perfectly as the village of Oia is set on a rugged Cliffside giving onlookers the perfect spot to watch the sun as it reflects on the crisp white buildings and then sets into the Aegean Sea.




The sunset is so stunning in Ipanema because it sets behind the rocky hillsides that border the coast. One of the best places in Rio to watch the sunset is Arpoador Rock which is located between Copacabana and Ipanema. Arpoador juts out into the ocean giving you an unobstructed view to the west along Ipanema beach. You will be in awe as the sun dips into the Gulf of Mexico in a magnificent array of pink and orange!



North Cape, Norway is so far north it’s nearly in the Arctic Circle! Therefore during the summer, the sun hardly ever sets. Visitors can take in the midnight sun (the sun that sets just to the horizon, but never fully sets. OMG huge on my bucketlist!!!!) Seeing this strange sunset phenomenon can be a once in a lifetime experience!




Located in Trat Province in Thailand, Koh Mak is world famous for its stunning sunsets. Koh Mak features idyllic, serene nature with no skyscrapers or cityscape to obscure the sky, making the nightly setting sun into the horizon an unforgettable experience!





If you’re looking to snap a few dramatic sunset photos, head to Bagan, Myanmar’s Valley of Temples. Each night as the sun drops low in the sky, it lights up the outlines of more than 2000 ancient temples, pagodas, and monasteries that have sat in the Valley for a thousand years! There are so many locations throughout Bagan to capture stunning sunset views. You may also wish to snap photos of the sacred Buddhist and Hindu temples at dusk, but for a birds-eye view book a hot air balloon ride over the Valley.





Uluru, or as some call it Ayers Rock, undergoes a dramatic transformation each night when the sun sets over the Australian outback. The rock cuts a striking silhouette across the sky as the sun paints it golden, deep red, orange and other hues before it turns black under the cover of night. Hike to the top of the dunes for a stunning view of Uluru and the nearby ancient rock formations known as Kata Tjuta.




The lovely islands that make up the Azores archipelago sit off the coast of Portugal in a nearly empty stretch of the Atlantic Ocean that allows for unobstructed views of the water, sky, and brilliant sunsets! Spread across 374 miles, this autonomous region of Portugal offers endless opportunities for soaking up the last rays of the sun.




The Isle of Skye is an island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. While the entire island offers a stunning view of the sun setting, one of the best spots to catch it is the pier at Milovaig, which offers onlookers a multi-colored, breathtaking scene.





Nearly anywhere on Oahu is a great place to catch a sunset, but climb up Diamond Head, which is a volcano and state monument, and you’ll be able to catch the gorgeous setting sun over legendary Waikiki beach.




I love my India! It is incredible. Everything about the Taj Mahal is beautiful – everything. It has become an international destination to visit at dusk, because of the beautiful sunsets that occur behind it and the stunning colors that reflect around the building. hashtag colorful india #colorfulindia #colourtheworld #sunsets


-Karen Bahri

The most Beautiful Small towns in France

The most Beautiful Small towns in France

Paris, the city the world is in love with! A beauty indeed, but there is plenty more to see in France than just the capital. From wine country to the Alps, there are thousands of beautiful villages and small towns in the country, and each region has its own special qualities. Travelling around some of the small towns in France means travel between hilltops, rocky coastal towns and breathtaking scenery while enjoying the local lifestyles of the people.

Among the thousands, here is a short list of small French towns with such beauty, they can rival any major city in the world:




Sometimes called “the Venice of Savoie,” this lakeside Alpine town is treasured for its sloping hillsides and the small canals that wander their way through the streets.


Fort Sainte AgatheÎle de Porquerolles is a Côte d’Azur gem which is an island paradise that’s also a small town. The best thing about this place is that after all these years, the car-free island is still a blissful, peaceful paradise!




Tapestry is the highlight for most tourists to the town. Bayeux has an appeal of a mix of the classic (the Norman-Gothic Bayeux Cathedral dominates the skyline) and the more contemporary (a somber, minimalist World War II cemetery).





Eguisheim is very unique with its concentric layout of streets unlike other towns and villages in France. It is a magnet for tourism because of its flower-filled villages and colorful houses, which give it a fairy tale ambiance. One of my favorites on this list!




The prettiest town in Brittany! Set on a hilltop, this medieval town oversees the river of Rance. Dinan is surrounded with long ramparts or walls, Tudor type houses, port, cobbled streets, art galleries, and shops.



Perouges is a medieval walled town in the northeast of Lyon. The town is so romantic, homey and old-fashioned that it is often used in many films.




Lourmarin is poetry in motion. It has numerous cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and ivy-covered streets full of a lavender scent which will give you an exquisite taste of its locality.




Although Chamonix’s proximity to Mont Blanc has made it a legendary skiing and climbing center. The town, with panoramic mountain views and rows of slant-roofed buildings, is lovely all year round.




A charming town of bicycles! With its white-washed houses and traditional green shutters, hollyhocks, salt pans, and relaxing but sleepy beach town vibe, it is a pleasure to explore this tiny seaside village.





For a more subdued Riviera experience, bypass Nice and Cannes for Eze, whose rocky hillside location 1,400 feet above the sea makes for stunning views of the Mediterranean.




Etretat is best known for its three natural arches and pointed needle. It attracts tourists and even celebrities because of its peaceful scenery.

And last, but definitely not least:






Picturesque Colmar has a section also known as “Little Venice,” thanks to the small canals that cut elegant lines past candy-colored houses. And locals aren’t the only ones inspired by Colmar’s beauty: some people believe the town was the model for Belle’s village in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!

~Karen Bahri



18 of the World’s Strangest town names

18 of the World’s Strangest town names

Whenever I travel to England, my flight typically goes over Ireland (I’m the type to always have the map on to see where I am traveling over) and I always notice this one town name that makes me laugh – Kilkenny, Ireland. LOL! What a name! I recently met someone from Ireland and asked him if he’s ever been to Kilkenny. He told me it’s actually a very beautiful place! I couldn’t agree more.



Here is a list of more odd city/town names around the world:

1. Rest and Be Thankful, Argyll and Butte, Scotland


2. Moron, Mongolia

Fine. it’s actually “Mörön”

3. Silly, Belgium

The name of this town derives from its stream called the Sille (French) or Zulle (Dutch) and has no relation to the English world (But tell that to an American!)

4. Hot Coffee, Mississippi


5. Egg, Austria

6. Eek, Alaska

7. Gogogogo, Madagascar

8. Disappointment Islands, French Polynesia


Sparsely populated group of coral islands which are arid, and not especially conductive to human habitation.

9. Drama, Greece



Dramatically stunning!

10. Monster, Netherlands

11. Christmas Pie, Surrey, England

12. Come By Chance, Canada

13. Chicken, Alaska

Chicken, Alaska is a community founded on gold mining and is one of the few surviving gold rush towns in Alaska.

14. Gofuku, Japan

15. Crapstone, UK


16. China, Japan

Not to be confused with China, China 😛

17. Butthole Road, Doncaster, England


Do you know anyone from there?!

and finally…

18. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales

Yes. A small village in Wales calls itself by a name with more letters than residents…


~Karen Bahri





Arianna Skincare’s 7 year anniversary!

Arianna Skincare’s 7 year anniversary!

As I was strolling through the village, something cute and colorful caught my eye. It was this display:


Then a woman said to me “do you know what this REALLY is?” AAANNNDDD being a beauty enthusiast I knew it was a bath soap! LOL!! I walked with her into the cute little shop on Bleeker street and it was sooo luxurious inside!



View of first window display from inside


View of second window display from inside

The lovely lady, named Jenn, asked me to give her my hand and she scooped up a scrub and told me to fold it around my hands thoroughly. After a few minutes she was like “are you ready?? Make sure you are ready!! You sure you’re ready??” – and man, I thought I was ready but I was not! As I started rinsing my hands, I kid you not, they literally felt like silk!!


I mean I have gone to several such skincare shops and felt a difference in my skin after doing the same thing, but this was a few notches up!! I was really amazed! She showed me some other lotions and scrubs for the body and then we talked about facial skin care.


She had me test a peel on my arm which left my skin feeling so fresh. You could actually see the color difference compared to my other arm. It visibly took away dirt, sun spots and impurities from my skin instantly! The best part – you only have to leave it on your skin for 30 seconds!! My problem with most of my face masks I own is that you have to leave it on for 15-20 mins. I don’t have patience like that. That’s such a first world problem!! UGH!



Jenn was really thorough in explaining to me how to use all the products. She was also sweet enough to offer me an amazing deal since it was their 7 year anniversary this weekend! She told me if I bought the peel, she would give me a body lotion, facial exfoliant, body exfoliant AND a hand cream all for free!! I was like okay this is totally worth it!!!!! If you know me, I usually never do this. I usually just walk out empty handed.

Now, if you think the fun already started – think again – NOW she told me they are doing a thing on their site where they are recording customers trying on the products for marketing their 7 year anniversary. I was totally game!! OBVIOUSLY lol!!!



So she took a video of me applying an eye serum and cream she additionally showed me. I totally winged it! haha! It was so much fun! If you are on my social media, I have posted it on pretty much all the social media I am on. If you are not on my pages, you should be lol but if you are anti-social media, feel free to ask me if you would like to see it.



The Moroccan/German mixed Isreali beauty (what an exoticccc and beautiful mix!!!! And if you are al little confused, She is half Moroccan, half German but grew up in Isreal) again decided to be so kind and generous to me and gave me 3 sample sized packages of the eye serum and cream!!! Shout out to Jenn! She is soo wonderful!!





In conclusion, I really want to address the story behind this product and why I truly support them. CEO and founder of Arianna Skincare, Miri Torres, was inspired to create an all-natural skincare line after her struggle with Lymphoma cancer. Miri was diagnosed in 1998 with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease. After harsh chemotherapy treatments, her skin suffered and her immune system became weak due to her aggressive treatments. Her goal was to find a solution to help repair her skin naturally. During her research Miri found her answer from the lowest place on earth: The Dead Sea.



Thank you soo much to Jenn and Arianna Skincare for the amazing service!!! Jenn was so warm and hospitable and my experience at Arianna Skincare was magnificent! I highly recommend you go checking them out! The location I went to was on 325 Bleecker Street. Their website is: https://www.arianna-skincare.com 


ALLLLLL the products I came home with!! 🙂

-Karen Bahri

My Favorite dessert spots in New York!

My Favorite dessert spots in New York!

In an effort to be more healthy, let’s talk about what’s so unhealthy that most people love – SUGAR. I have decided to try cutting out sugar from my diet. I like sweets, but I definitely can say my sweet tooth is not crazy; and I definitely know how to control myself. If I crave sweet, I either will allow myself to have whatever sweet I am craving – because I usually know I will be satisfied after a small portion. Sometimes though, I am mean to myself and say no!

I’m not sure how deleting sugar from my diet will make me feel or how it will change me or if I even will want to or whatever, but people usually save eventually you get to a point where you don’t want sweets anymore. I am hoping this becomes my result because diabetes seems to run in my family all of the sudden (meaning all of the sudden all these older relatives of mine are telling me they have it out of like nowhere and it’s like one after another!) and I see what they go through and it’s a life I want to avoid.


Anyways, I’m ready to experiment! This week I am going to go strict and consciously try to avoid all or as much as possible sugar I can, and then see how I feel. From there I will see if I can continue on like that (obviously with a cheat day here and there – I’m human after all!) or at least I hope I can still continue on with as much reduced sugar as possible especially during weekdays.

With that in mind, I thought let me get one last weekend of really bad sweet binging out of the way! It’s funny though because like I said, I don’t have a crazy sweet tooth, so I was almost not going to get the 1st item on my list below! But I did it for the blog 😛

Here is my list of “the best of” sweets edition in NYC!



I’m sooooo sorry all you Levain Bakery lovers. No, no & no. Levain is sooo yesterday!! Who wants to go allllll the way to the Upper West Side to stand on line for an hour for a cookie that will go hard if you leave it for the next day?




City Cakes cookie are thick and soft! Sooo perfect and if you save some for the next day or two  (they are so freakin big, they usually take me 3 days to finish!) they still stay chewy and delicious! The bakery is so cute too! Saturday I bought the peanut butter and a chocolate chip. The peanut butter was good, but very peanut buttery. I thought there would be more chocolate in it, since it has m&m’s inside. I have tried the red velvet, peanut butter and I think the Nutella stuffed, which are all good, but their chocolate chip is my absolute favorite! Their classic chocolate chip is THE BEST IN THE CITY HANDS DOWN!

BEST ICE CREAM: Davey’s Ice Cream


This funky ice cream parlor is right in the heart of the east village. They have really funky flavors as well, such as ‘Strong Coffee’, ‘Speculoos Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Mexican Vanilla’, which of course they let you sample, on their regular menu, but they also have seasonal/monthly flavors which are really creative and funky like ‘Black Sesame’, ‘Red Velvet Oreo’ which I tried and it was amazing, ‘Matcha’, ‘Peppermint Chip’, once they had a ‘Star Wars’ flavor, everything!


The thing is, Davey’s Ice Cream is made on-site from raw ingredients, and you really can taste the difference! Each batch requires a four-day-long production schedule. They also sell birch house coffee, cakes, milkshakes, sundaes, home made marsh mellows (huggeee marsh mellows!) pies, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, like everything!! They have everything!! Ohh, and artisan style cones decorated with cereal and cookies! See! Everything! And all this everything that they offer is homemade and delicious! My go-to is the cookies and cream with the salted caramel sauce – omg! It’s like crack lol.

BEST (CHEESE)CAKE: Martha’s Country Bakery


Sorry Manhattanites, you gotta come to Queens for this slice of heaven! Martha’s Bakery is located in Astoria as well as Forest Hills, Bayside and they also have a location or two in Williamburg, which is in Brooklyn. THE best cakes & desserts. It has a European touch and they have a full coffee bar. They sell cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, tarts, macaroon, gelato and cake cake cake cake cake – a variety of sorts of cakes and cheesecakes, you name it! Have you ever heard of a blue velvet cake??? They got it!






My favorite is the apple crumb cheesecake. The bottom half is filled with apple pie filling, the middle with creamy, amazing cheesecake, and it’s topped off with cinammony crumble. I’m so glad the location in my neighborhood is on the complete other side, making it difficult for me to run on over whenever I crave that cheesecake! I must add the desserts are so pretty and the space has a very Euro vibe. It’s also very cozy and clean.

If coming out to the boroughs is such a thang for you, the best alternative in Manhattan I would say is Juniors for cheesecake. There IS another place located in Soho called Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, but I have not been there yet. It’s on my list though!



Yum! These are so delicious! I have tried the cafe au lait and one I really love – mocha almond crunch. The doughnuts here are big and fluffy. They have cake doughnuts and regular with loads of flavors.


The hibiscus flavor seems to be really popular. I don’t know how I feel about that and I’m not sure if I’m willing to risk it unless they were giving out free samples. Maybe I’m missing out? Maybe one day I’ll decide to try it. Maybe that day I’ll be angry I wasted $5 on a doughnut that was weird.

BEST POPSICLE: La Newyorkina


Wepaaa!! This place is soooo cute!!! As a non-Latina, the first time I walked in here I was so overwhelmed and confused. So I came back with a Latina and had her translate 😛 They have Mexican ice cream flavors, popsicles, frozen yogurts, ect.  We both got the mango chili palettes (Mango ice pops).






They have these tubs of chili randomly left around that you can sprinkle on your ice pop. I HIGHLY recommend trying this. I HIGHLY recommend trying this. I am tempted to type that sentence again, but I think you get the picture 🙂



Back in January I was at City Bakery and tried their hot chocolate, although it was similar, it got cold quick and lost its je ne said quoi. So Jacque Torres, to me, is still the best.




Honestly, I am not a hot chocolate fan. I was introduced to JT in 2010 when I was working down in Tribeca and a coworker was raving about it so much. It was a block or two down from our office, so one day she took me and I had never tried hot chocolate like this before! It’s literally thick, melted chocolate! You can choose regular, or ‘Wicked’. I prefer the regular. They have handmade, artisan chocolates, which make perfect gifts! There several locations throughout the city and Mr. Torres has even recently opened a museum!

BEST LATTE: Coffeecake Corner


Only Because they have a peanut butter mocha and although it’s pretty small inside, the few times I came here I could always find a seat! I usually don’t drink latte’s either. If I get a latte it’s usually some type of soy mocha and I usually end up throwing it out after a few sips.




This though, is definitely a treat! As far as coffee goes, I am not sure. I cannot find my absolute favorite when it comes to actual coffee. I do enjoy illy coffee but a lot of coffee shops are just decent. I hate to admit it but lately my go-to has been cart coffee on weekday mornings. I actually enjoy it more than any other independent coffee shop or you know, Starbucks.


These are my top favorite desserts and my top favorite places FOR those desserts in the city. Sorry I gotta say sayonara to them for now! I do believe in cheating here and there, with control, but my goal is to make those cheat cravings become less often than before. But if you are not watching your sugar (something I am not encouraging but you are an adult!) or you do come to New York on holiday (holidays = excuse to cheat on your diet!), definitely try out these places! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

-Karen Bahri


La Fête du Citron – a dose of Vitamin C in the French Riviera!

La Fête du Citron – a dose of Vitamin C in the French Riviera!

Created in Menton, France in 1934, La Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival), is an extremely bright and unique event which attracts more than 160,000 visitors every year!





This vivid event consists of designs up to 10 meters tall, incredible decorations, and floats requiring over 140 tons of oranges and lemons! For three weeks, the Jardins Biovès [Biovès Gardens] and the streets are given over to these bright, sunny citrus giants!!





Floral processions are organized on the Promenade du Soleil, with a mixture of citrus-themed floats, confetti, dancers and folk groups. Displayed in giant floats, Citrus Limonia is saluted by entertainers, brass bands and other creatures full of divine charm. During the festival, the Biovès Gardens are clad with citrus fruit, forming temporary sculptures in dazzling yellow and orange shades. At nightfall, the orange and lemon monuments sparkle in their flamboyant colors, and night-time events are sometimes held.





La Fête du Citron is the second most important event on the French Riviera – after Nice Carnival – and is just ahead of the Monaco Formula 1. More than 300 professionals work on the project and 145 tons of citrus fruits are used.





This festival is held from mid-February for three weeks, the perfect time of year to get your dose of vitamin C!





-Karen Bahri

Italy’s most Underrated destinations

Italy’s most Underrated destinations


Ahhh Italy!!! Italy is such an amazing and beautiful country where there are sooo many famous cities/towns you have to check out. It’s like you have to take a couple months off so you can see everything! All the major cities – Venice, Milan, Tuscany, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, oh my god!! Italy just doesn’t stop!!




I’m about to make your Italian itinerary a bit more complicated (insert evil smile emoji) Forget the major cities…okay maybe not, but try for a moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to explore REAL Italy?! Outside the major tourist destinations? Wouldn’t it be cool to get lost and see what Italy is REALLY like? Of course it would!! Just brush up on some Italiano and follow my list of destinations in Italy that are a little less “well known” but you get away from the crowds and actually see Italy for what it REALLY is!


The ancient town of Modena boasts to have the best restaurant in ALL OF EUROPE (Osteria Francescana) as well as it is the hub of Italian auto making.





Amalfi Coast – be damned! The cliffside town of Ravello also offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea!






Settlements in this Sicilian archeological wonderland date back as far as 734 BC! Siracusa was once the largest city in the ancient world! It is best known for its Ancient Greek ruins as well as amazing food.






Home of …you guessed it! Parmesan Cheese! Parma is a foodie’s paradise as it is the first Italian city to win the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy award! It is also home of one of the oldest universities in the world – Parma University.






This ancient city is carved into a canyon believe it or not! It is one of the oldest still-inhabited places on earth and extremely exotic to visit!






Visiting Trieste is like pretending like you are actually in Slovenia, but actually you are not! This place is filled with Viennese coffee houses and Slavic restaurants. Uncommon for Italy, Trieste is kind of a melting pot of Italian, Latin, German, Jewish and Slavic people.




So now which one or ones of these places do you think you want to include on your bucket list next time you are in Italy?? Let me know! 🙂


-Karen Bahri








Switzerland’s Earth Shattering Secret Wonderland!

Switzerland’s Earth Shattering Secret Wonderland!

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to live in a home blanketed inside earth, start packing your bags and head over to Dietikon, Switzerland and find out what it actually feels like to be at one with nature!


Earth House Estate Lattenstrasse is located in Dietikon, Switzerland. These homes are ACTUALLY tucked within mounds of earth. You will totally get the feeling as if you have stumbled upon a secret society! “Earth Houses” are so called because they’re designed to reside within their environment, blending into the natural contours of the land rather than merely set down on top of it. These homes appear like small cozy huts to live in, but are actually quite spacious inside. They also have a balance of the best of modern design and energy-efficient living. The estate includes 9 separate homes, featuring three 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom, a 5 bedroom, three 6 bedroom and a 7 bedroom house. There is even an artificial lake in the center, a subterranean parking lot, and room to grow vegetation on the property.





The aim of building an earth house is not to live under or in the ground; but with it. The earth house concept uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects the homes from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion.





Being that the homes are protected by a layer of earth, they have natural insulation during the winter that allows them to use only a third of the energy a normal home would consume. During the summer, the homes stay cool, making air conditioners and fans unnecessary.





The earth house concept uses its surroundings as an advantage – the surroundings are not adapted to the building, rather, but the house is shaped in order to preserve the natural environment. Modern earth-house architecture incorporates the latest interior finishing, such as contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and house-control systems. Furthermore, every house is newly designed in accordance with the wishes of its owners.





This amazing little community definitely will make you feel like you have stepped into a hobbit hole from the Lord of The Rings trilogy or something!





~Karen Bahri