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Happy Birthday to my Hero.



Today is your birthday. Your friends planned a surprise party for you. God surprised us all by taking you away from us Saturday morning. It is so hard for me to write my thoughts into words. You’ve given me your strength to deal with this, but this is where I break down. You left us so suddenly. I don’t know why God decided to take you right now when none of us were ready. Everybody who has ever known you has loved, respected and looked at you as a role model. You were the kindest, realest, most sincere, big hearted, warm, responsible, not to forget the absolute most intelligent human being I was lucky to call Dad.

I shared a fond memory with your dear friend who came to visit us and see how mom was doing yesterday of your first time coming to America. You told us you wore a brown sweater and described it. Then you thought for a moment and said you think you still had it. You went down to the basement and 20 minutes later you joyfully ran upstairs telling us you found it! Lol! Then you tried it on and it fit, so you wore it the rest of the eve.

You had the sharpest memory and would remember the smallest things about people – especially  dates. Birthdays, the dates people moved here & there. You were the story teller and told such animated stories, you told us your fond memories of India and your favorite topic was partition lol.

I remember once in my early 20’s I came to you about a situation and you told me I can always come to you without hesitation and that I can speak to you as a friend. You always encouraged me and gave me the best advice, whether I would take it or not. Your advice was always right, whether I would take it or not lol. At the end of the day, no matter what stupid thing I would do, you would always tell me no matter what, you would always be on my side and support my decisions and that I have your approval as long as it made me happy. You told me that all the time. As long as it made me happy than you will be on my side 101%.

You gave mom and our family the greatest life! We had everything. We had a great circle of friends, lots of laughs, lots of great memories! You put the family first and you were extra responsible. We had absolutely no worries. You were also the smartest man ever and the one everyone used to go to for advice on anything from buying a home, career advice to marriage related advice.

I learned how to be strong and independent from you. I have my moments when I feel sad, but I smile thinking of you as I know you want me to be happy and you want me to be strong. Especially for mom. Mom is weak. This is the most devastating thing to have happened to her. Please give me your strength dad to help her get through this. I know I will, because you taught me as that was your duty towards me. Your duty towards her was to take care of her and never let her lift a finger. She never had to, now she’s scared and doesn’t understand that she still doesn’t need to because she has all of us.

Today is your birthday. Tomorrow is your cremation. I’m not ready for that. You are still with me and always will be. I will never refer to you in past tense. I love you forever.

I leave you with this song that was a favorite of yours. This melody has been playing softly in my head since Saturday when I received the worst news of my life. I remember sitting there watching some video of Punjabi wedding songs and trying to forward to a good song when you came into the room and sat on the floor with your newspaper (you always read the newspaper lol) and I was about to forward this song because it was repetitive but you told me to replay it. Again and again as you kept saying how nice a song this is lol. Now you are sitting there while the angels sing to you.

Mehndi Ni Mehndi




Hola Amigos!! I just noticed it’s been 2 WEEEKS since my last post!! Perdóname por favor!!!

You are like “why is she speaking Spanish?? I just got back from MEHEEKOOOOOOOO ANDITWASAMAAZINNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my 3rd trip to Mexico and I REALLYYYY enjoyed it!!! This was my birthday trip and it was definitelyyyyy a birthday for the books!!!! This trip seemed a bit different. We stayed in Playa del Carmen at the Soho Playa (which I personally loved!!) and then we went to an all inclusive resort about 15-20 minutes from Tulum. I made friends with locals. I always make new friends when I travel but in my past Mexico trips, they were always just with workers at the resorts and then it’s time to leave and you just say your adios’s and then they are just precious memories. This time we exchanged numbers and facebooks. We hung out in the towns and witnessed more local culture – next time will be even better because the friends we made can show us the town from their local point of view! They wanted to this time, but time was short, so I look forward to the next Mexico trip! We were there for a week, but it was too short for sure! If we had more time, we would have gone to Cozumel, or Isla Mujeras. A friend wanted to take us to a Cenote, which is like a natural swimming pool in a cave. They are supposed to be amazing even though it sounds creepy lol. That day was kinda rainy and cold, so we opted out, which I kinda regret now!

Anyways, I’m tired. It’s cold and we are getting a snow storm in New York this Saturday. I wish I was still at the playa enjoying the sunshine, dancing to El Taxi (our song of the holiday!) and swimming in the beautiful Caribbean Sea! More on Meheeko later!

The Hills are Alive…

The Hills are Alive…

ALLLLOWWWHAAA 🙂 Happy Friday!! Before I get started, I hope you all like my new design? If you are reading this on your phone, you won’t be able to see it. Jump on your computer! Now back to our regularly scheduled programme:

You know how here we go on weekend road trips to other cities or the Pocono’s or like Maine or some crap? Well, in India, they do weekend getaways to the “Hill Stations” as they call it. Many may not be aware but India is very well known for its glorious hills! I’m not just speaking of the Himalayas either. I think people get distracted with the diverse cultures & religious places that they may not think or be aware of this, but the hills are so beautiful in India! When I was there, my thaiya ji (uncle – my dad’s older bruvski) took us to Kasauli, which is located in Himachal Pradesh and is known for it’s beautiful resorts.

Remember a few posts ago I talked about how I love creating trips within trips? It must be something passed down in my family, because on our way up to Kasauli, we stopped at this other hill station lodge type place called Timber Trail. My uncle is a member of what we would consider country clubs here in the states. Members only clubs where people hang out, dine, drink, admire the view, relax, golf, swim ect ect you get the point. My uncle is pretty much a member of every club and gymkhana in the greater Chandigarh area. A Gymkhana is also like a country club. Originally referred to a place of assembly. The meaning then altered to denote a place where skill-based contests were held. “Gymkhana” was the name coined during the British Raj for “gentlemen’s club”. My family and typically people nowadays just go to these places to relax & dine as well as a lot of them have rooms you can stay in like a hotel/resort incase you want to get away for a few days. Depending on the facilities at the specific location, people also golf, swim and such.

Anyways, it was a beautiful drive up the mountain ways! We stopped at some little stall on the way up to buy some juice. I was addicted to this specific guava juice and my family always got me wayyy too much – because they knew I liked it :).

Love the traffic in India!!

Love the traffic in India!!




Here are some photos at Timber Trail.

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As we were drinking Limca & Chai, my thaiya ji told me to look at a specific mountain. It was reallllyyyy tall and there was a cable cord hanging from it. He said this cable cord leads to a restaurant at the highest peak. People ride a cart up to get there and the view is out of this world! Popular honeymoon spot. Soooo cool but sooo scary!! I asked him if it’s ever malfunctioned and if so, how many deaths. #itISIndiaafterall


Don’t die for me Argentina!!!

Okay time to leave Timber Trail and head up to Kasauli. As we got back to the car, I saw this sign in the parking lot:

Only in India! We keep it real.

Only in India! We keep it real.

Finally arrived at Kasauli. We went to the Kasauli Club, where my uncle is a member. Located at a height of 6142 feet! Established in 1880, you literally are stepping back many decades in time! It is currently located within Indian Army premises and managed by a regular Indian Army Officer as Club Secretary, aided by civilian staff.

Some background info, The Kasauli Club was founded as the ‘Kasauli Reading and Assembly Rooms’ by a group of Englishmen. The Club was meant only for the English besides a few highly placed Indians. It established a reputation for good food, good drink and a smart social circle; a tradition, which still continues. The Kasauli Club is still famous and its membership is most sought after. You can read more about it here:

Here are a few of the Kasuali Club:




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Just monkeying around!10848047_10105480747320370_1557800215934819475_n




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After a relaxing afternoon at Kasauli, we headed out and the view of the mountains as the sun was setting was breathtaking! I tried to take pics of the lights from the homes along the mountains but it absolutely did no justice. Its just one of those things that only the eye can witness in all it’s beauty. We did make one last quick stop to this place called Sunset Point where the sunset is supposed to be amazing. My thaiya ji didn’t have the patience so we didn’t get to see the sunset LOL: