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Burano, Italy – walking through a Kaleidoscope of Colours!

Burano, Italy – walking through a Kaleidoscope of Colours!

Colorful Burano, Italy!

I know you all may be noticing a pattern on my last few posts, as well as some of my instagam photos so far this year. It’s all kind of collaging (or kaleiding hehe) into a huge “cute European village” type vibe. But hey! I’ve been discovering these places and they are toooo cuuuutttee not to share with my Kaleidoscopers, so why not, hey!

This time, I am taking you all to a little Island off the northern coast of Italy!

Grab some vino & leggo to BURANOOOOO!!! 

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, in northern Italy. Similar to Venice, it’s like an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges. The island is known for its chic lace work and brightly colored fisherman’s cottages!




The island is situated 4 miles from Venice. You can take a “vaporetti”, which is a Venetian motorboat, and be there in about 40 minutes which adds to the thrill of visiting this vibrantly colorful, yet calm and happy place!




The current population of Burano is about 2,800. There are many other small islands surrounding Burano as well, but out of them Burano has a high population density at more than 13,000 per square kilometer!That is more than twenty times the density of neighboring island, Mazzorbo. It’s also almost entirely covered by residential buildings, with very few small green areas.




Burano’s small, brightly painted houses are popular among the artists circle. The colors of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development. Therefore, if someone wishes to paint their home, they have to send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colors permitted for that lot.




Visiting this island is like stepping back in time. On the island’s meandering narrow streets, you will see laundry strung up between buildings, bicycles &  boats parked up, as well as many ladies sitting in the sun, chatting with their neighbors, while creating delicate Burano lace. Lace is part of the island’s history dating way back to around the 16th century.




Don’t be fooled by the size of this charming little island! There is actually quiet a bit to do! The colorful houses and buildings make for a very picturesque, enjoyable stroll on these breathtaking streets and lots of brilliant photo taking! You can also  browse through one of the many lace shops, which some may be a bit on the pricier side, but definitely worth every penny.




It’s key to note that while arriving in Burano, you will find yourself heading down a narrow street full of shops selling lace, including pretty umbrellas and fans. This after passing by one of the few green areas on the island, of course! These shops are highly attractive and very few people can manage to escape from this little street without being lured into one of the gorgeous shops full of colorful scarves, dresses and other such accessories and souvenirs.




You can also pay a visit to the Museo del Merletto (Museum of Lacemaking). There are many lively shops, cafes, bars and even a cinema as well! As you wander across the many little bridges, you will notice the somewhat ominously leaning bell-tower of The Church of San Martino.




The pictures alone speak for themselves – Burano is a charming, breathtaking  and enchanting island full of a kaleidoscope of colors for photography nuts and well worth the effort!




-Karen Bahri


Over-Water Villas & Outdoor Showers? YES PLEASE! #MaldivesGoalVacation

Over-Water Villas & Outdoor Showers? YES PLEASE!  #MaldivesGoalVacation

Helloooo my colourful Kaleidoscopers!!!

I hope all of you are having a great start to the year! I have something I want to talk about! Goals. My goals in life are travel related. I want to see the world, wear diamonds, stay at luxurious resorts and make friends with locals. My daily motivational speech to myself are along the lines of “I wanna go to this country and stay and that resort.”


I stumbled upon a youtube video of a resort in the Maldives that I just cannot get out of my head. Its like one of my ULTIMATE goal destinations that I want to pamper myself with. It won’t happen soon bc its really expensive (around $900/NIGHT, fam!) and if I travel the 72 hours on planes and trains and boats to get to the Maldives I better spend at least a month! But momentary my eyes are locked on the Six Senses Laamu!




They have over-water and over-land villas, for those afraid of sharks. As funny as it sounds, the part that struck me the most about this resort (besides the fact its a 5 star resort with 1250 excellent reviews) is that there is an outdoor shower! Lol! Aaannddd…a glass bathtub with a window looking out into the ocean!!!!! And under the tub (and various areas of the floor throughout the villa) is glass so imagine you sitting in the bathtub and you look down into the ocean AAAHHHHHHHHH I WANT IT SOOO BAD!!!! I’ve never stated at an over-water villa and just the thought seems soo heavenly!!!





This is something I will do in the next 5ish years, so watch this space, because you know I’ll be taking 28543 pics & posting them all on my *new* instagram page! (karenskaleidoscope on insta, find me! Follow me!)

I’m not gonna say anymore. The pics can do the talking! 













~Karen Bahri 

Christmas/Hanukkah staycation at the Innside Hotel!

Christmas/Hanukkah staycation at the Innside Hotel!

As 2016 comes to an end, I can safely conclude this has been the worst year of my life. I was telling a friend the other day after much thought, I don’t believe that just because a new year is approaching doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be a new start or a better year. Its not like things are going to magically glow like Disneyland 😐. I live in a world of reality and I just don’t think so.

Anyways, because certain travel plans backfired followed by new travel plans that backfired (my medium friend told me it’s due to the mercury retrogade. Google it.) I created MY OWN PLANS. Because I obviously cannot depend on anyone besides myself, I decided to book a staycation!

Since I’m the most indecisive human being on the face of the earth, this took me about 3 days of researching a hotel 😂😂…I finally made the plunge and booked The Innside hotel. I’m definitely glad I made this decision! The Innside hotel is a part of the Melia hotels & resorts . If you have been to Miami Beach, I’m sure you have seen a hotel called “ME”, which I learned is apart of this hotel family.

Meliá Hotels International was founded in 1956 in Palma de Malorca, Spain. That being said, there are a lot of Spanish guests at this resort! Holaaa! 😉 It is one of the largest hotel companies in the world and the largest in Spain in both resorts and city hotels! The company currently operates more than 370 hotels in 43 countries and 4 continents under its brands! So lets get straight into my weekend and my overall thoughts of this hotel!

Located on the border of Chelsea & Flatiron, which happen to be my favorite neighborhoods, the building is big & beautiful! They play nice jazz music as you enter and they have outdoor seating for their restaurant in the front. It’s got a see-through cover for these cold months. Upon entry you walk into this glamorous space with perfect lighting! Looking straight you’ll find some couches, to the right you have the bar/lounge area and to the left is reception. Front desk is very friendly and total New Yorkers, so that’s good for tourists! 😂 Check in was easy so lets move on to the next topic: THE ROOM.

Initially I called them and they gave me a free upgrade to a King room with a view! I verified that, and just because life in the past month has been everything bad…and worse…I just figured something had screwed up..so naturally I had my game face on 👺! But all was well, ain’t nobody screw up my king room with view upgrade, gurrrl! So up to the 15th floor I went! The hallway was SO CLASSY!! Full length mirrors next to every door!! What a girl needs!! The walls were a clean black so it was a nice contrast! I opened up my door to find a very open, modern, bright, clean, amazing room!!! Bathroom right next to the front door, huge room with flatscreen TV, minibar, wine bottle opener, espresso machine…..And…….a…… VIEWTODIEFOR!!! I had the BEST view of the Empire State Building!!! I was soo happy! Three days of indecisiveness turned out to be a great decision!

I think the only 1st world problems I complained about in my head was half the TV stations didn’t work and the room was pretty cold. I even had the maintenence guy come look at the thermostat but nothing. Oh well! Next time I’ll bring my portable heater!

That evening I ended up making plans and we started off at the hotel lobby bar and had a great convo with our bartender! Very friendly, cool staff! The hotel also has a gym and meeting rooms. Would have been nice if it had a pool or spa but hey, we can’t have it all! 🤔😄

All in all, it was very peaceful, I took nice videos, snapchat filtered way too much & a small amount of pics, it was relaxing and it was nice being IN the city. Even though I’m a ten minute train ride away, it still makes a big difference! So I totally suck! I took numerous videos & snapchatted nonstop, but not as many pictures, except for my view! So the website is below, containing photos. I am adding in the few pics I did take and will try to screenshot from my videos. Those will be blurry just FYI lol. I’ll try to upload videos but they take forever and seem to always crash :/ But check the pictures out on the website! The hotel looks exactly the same! Happy New Years to all! And may you travel tons and your travel plans not get screwed up in 2017!

My perfect view! Blue & White for Hanukkah and Red & Green for Christmas! #blessed


screenshot_20161228-223236 20161228_222507 screenshot_20161228-223130 screenshot_20161228-220828 screenshot_20161228-223206

Trips within Trips!


So in my last blog entry, I mentioned my secret (well, not so much anymore!) idea of scoring a mini trip (otherwise known as extra long layover) on your way to your destination. I’ve done this twice now and I love it! It’s challenging in a fun way and I seemto spend a lot more time trying to plan out the 6ish or whatever hours I have on the layover trip than the actual trip!

Sometimes this idea doesn’t turn out as well as planned, other times it’s fabulous! I’ve dealt with both lol. On the two times I’ve done this!! So the first time, I was taking a weird flight to the UK and it stopped in Istanbul for I think 7-8 hours or something. I know, stop making that face! It was a cheap flight and I didn’t mind bc I’ve always wanted to go to Turkey!!! Now this layover was sooooo difficult to plan because there are SOOO many amazing places to see in Istanbul that when you are short on time and have to pick ONE bloody spot…ughhhhhhh!!!! I can’t!!!! And I’m seriously the most indecisive human being on this planet!!!!! I had a coworker who was Turkish so I asked her if there was maybe like a “suburb” that was close to the airport so I wouldn’t get stuck in traffic as everyone kept warning me about. She suggested her old neighborhood called ” Yesilkoy”. So I figured why not! It’s a local area & it would be cool to go to a complete local spot and get a feel for “real” Turkish life.

I did hardcore research on this place and found a coffee shop that looked nice that I figured if anything, I could sit there and people watch if I felt I would get lost walking around.

So now let’s fast forward to d-day! When I arrived in Turkey it was veryyy early a.m. I think like 5 am. The Istanbul airport is huge and extremely confusing!!! On top of that NOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH!!! I also remember waiting a rediculous and unnecessary amount of time to exchange currency at the desk – which was painful because the rude lady didn’t speak English either.

Anyways, I got in a cab and I remember how beautiful Turkey looked from that cab ride! The ride was short and he dropped me off on some crooked road with not much around. To make a long story short, this Yesilkoy place was TINY. I took a little walk around. I guess it rained overnight because everything was damp. It was so early all the shops were closed too. I found a pier/harbor type area on the back end and walked around. I was soo done after about 20 minutes!!! I waited a bit though as I noticed shops were opening. The shops were cute. Streets were small and narrow and so were all the shops lol. There was a market/ grocery store that had opened, so I thought I would check it out as it’s usually fun going inside foreign grocery stores and seeing Mexican Cheerioes. All I remember is it was superrrr awkward!! They were still doing their morning set up and I was in the way…like everywhere I moved in that store!!! I was still in the way!!!! UURGHH! So I got back into a cab disappointed and just went back to the airport.

I’ll tell ya one thing though, I’m glad I did because as I mentioned earlier, that airport is super confusing, it took me 45 mins to figure out how to get past security!! Nobody could help me. Not a bloke spoke English and I couldn’t find an information desk!!! I have never cursed so much while traveling!! Omg!! I finally got on the other side and stayed put lol. I def want to go back and visit Turkey properly, and I willl! My experience sucked but it still was nice and I’m sure next time when I go I will have a better time! This was actually the first time traveling to a foreign country all alone and I am proud of myself for that! I did manage to grab some photos though. I can’t seem to find these funny pics of all the dogs sleeping on the street! Aahhh well! Take a look:


So my other “trip within a trip” was discussed in my previous blog. Abu Dhabi!! That was success. Abu Dhabi was soo clean, so gorgeous, didn’t feel as foreign as Istanbul did, as weird as that sounds! Here are a few pics from that trip within a trip. YES there are way too many pics. NO, I can’t help myself 🙂 you will soon discover I am a picoholic 🙂 in fact, message me directly if you would like to see more photos. I took tons from the Grand Mosque. It’s just tedious to upload on here!

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