New Year’s Travel Resolutions


I read this article today and it gave me life:

In regards to 1st resolution on the list, they talk about working while on vacation. No. Just. Stop. It. On the subject of PTO, I’m not one to like to waste PTO for no reason. Last week (as well as this week) while my office was completely dead and time was standing still, I totally could have used a PTO or two. But why? Why waste that on uselessness. If I was off I wouldn’t be doing anything productive like getting on a plane or lazing about on a hammock under the golden sun on a white sand beach, so no. Not. Necessary.

Second resolution – I hear this. I hear this last minute sometimes, but I hear this. I’m not one to enjoy depriving myself & I do love shopping, but as the first line stated “I’m of the mindset that if you want something badly enough, you’ll figure out a way.” YUP. Travel IS a choice. There are those that take amazing multi-destination journeys to exotic places in south east Asia no problems. GOALS. I looked up the cost of a flight alone to Guam (almost $3000). It’s not going to happen today or tomorrow but it will.

3rd resolution – I have no problem talking to strangers. I do have my moods though. Sometimes I like to get caught up in my own world and just observe, but I have made plenty of friends abroad. The person who wrote the article mentioned asking someone to take their photo. I wouldn’t ask, I would just sneak a pic. I’ve done it before, no problem! lol!

On to the next, I have travelled alone. I have flown alone and explored places by myself. Its a huge confidence booster. You feel completely independent! One thing I have not done is stayed in a foreign city for more than a day by myself. I have done that here within the states. I have flown abroad to places – got off the plane into the city/town and explored for a few hours by myself. Both of which are great confidence builders. It’s nice traveling with others, but there’s a different freedom you feel when you are on your own. That being said,  I don’t think I would want to stay by myself for more than a day and a half though. That gets kind of lonely. Unless the point of it is you are joining a travel group in which you will meet people from all over the world during your journey.

Next resolution – well IG isn’t my choice social media. I enjoy FB and snapchat these days. I enjoy blogging as well. If I had the time, I would love to start a youtube channel and vlog. I take tons of photos when I travel and love sharing them with my family and friends. I don’t see anything wrong with that. You are out exploring the world, you are enjoying yourself and you want to share that with your friends and family. Your true blue homies will always share your happiness, so no harm in that. Haters will hate, but I have block lists for them haters to begin with! Or I just simply don’t care.

Next resolution is the one – I sometimes feel anxiety when people bombard me telling me to go see some temple or some museum I have no interest in seeing. The FOMO does kick in and I wonder if I opt out, if I will miss something amazing? Probably not. There are certain landmarks I have seen that I probably would have been fine skipping. I took 147 photos, yes, just because I love taking photos but I prefer seeing the streets, the people & the normal way of life in foreign cities. We have amazing museums in NY that I can see. I’m not going to cry if I go to Tulum in 2 weeks (2 weeeekksss) and not see those ruins. I mean I will make the effort but it’s not like they are going to change my life. I’m more excited to check out the waters on Isla Mujeras. The sea can change my life. A monument may not. Architecture will. That’s just my opinion.

Next – To be up for anything. TOTALLY. I try to soak up as much as I can when I travel. I’m a germophobe in NYC but that seems to disappear (somewhat) when I am out of my city! lol I am not too adventurous but I have slowly seen that change in me as I am abroad. You have one life, God granted you a beautiful life, go out there & live it! Maybe one day I will zip line. Not today or tomorrow lol, but one day. I can see myself pushing towards that.

As 2016 approaches, I’ve got Mexico planned, yes again. A possible Caribbean cruise for spring, but I think late summer I want to plan something big. Lets see. I do need to map out a new India trip as well. I do not want motherland to go into the backburner but I don’t want to be one of those that only travels to the motherland and nowhere else their entire life. The last 2-3 years I had some amazing journeys but this coming year needs to make up for last years lack of travel. I can’t believe I only went to Cancun & Miami in 2015?! I think it’s because the year before I was in England, Abu Dabhi & India (I kinda want to note my late December of 2013 stumble upon Turkey as well since it was so close together.)

I wish you all a happy new year and hope its a great year filled with amazing experiences! Cheers to 2016!!!


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Hi! I'm a luxury lifestyle blogger from New York City. My roots come from India and I grew up in a Punjabi home and was raised with Hindu traditions in America. I am extremely in touch with my culture thankfully, which is why I have a great appreciation towards all cultures of the world! We have been blessed with the gift of life on the planet earth. When I'm 90 years old lying on my death bed looking back at my life, I want to make sure I took full advantage of this beautiful life I was blessed with. I want to explore as much of this amazing world we live in and live life to the fullest! I knew traveling was something I had to start doing and will continue to do. I've always been intrigued by the world and different cultures. I have always wanted to explore and see as much of the world as I can! Life is all about experiences, meeting people, learning new ways and concepts and taking risks. This blog is meant to be fun & entertaining but it also provides my personal experiences and what you might expect to discover while traveling. It also will include fashion and beauty posts as well as random thoughts and stories, since a kaleidoscope is meant to be a colorfully shaken mix of entertainment! I hope you find my blog interesting, fun, funny & informative, but most of all entertaining!!

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