Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

So yeah – I told you about my JOURNEY to my parents home. We didn’t get to the actual trip! What can I say about home? My parents live in the middle of nowhere so its absolutely relaxing! We watched movies, my mom chased me around with food, we went to meet family friends, we watched more movies, I looked through a lot of old family photos and found some treasures!

When I was in high school my parents decided (well, “decided” because my dad got a new job) to move to like the most useless town in the whole world. Dakota Dunes, SD. We were in Michigan before. Some might think that’s comparably boring. Actually they think its cold but its the same temp as NYC. Michigan has a lot of pine trees.

Anyways, Dakota Dunes. Its right on the highway of Sioux City, Iowa. If you google Dakota Dunes, nothing may show up. My dad is retired now but they stayed in the town because… I’ll show you pics of their neighborhood and if you are old & retired, this is the life you appreciate and you don’t care that you have no real city anywhere close by. Who cares when you can grow a whole garden in your front and back yard – flowers in the front, tomatoes & eggplant in the back! Even some Indian peppers! My dad is quite the gardener and my mom is quite the cook. In fact, my parents even make their own acchar (Indian pickle) in our back yard in the summer time! (you are supposed to dry the lemon/limes/mango in the sun for like 2 weeks or something). To me though, the slow life drives me crazy!! WALK FASTER HOMIE!!!

That’s all that I can really say about the Pindh (that’s what we call it. Pindh means “village/farm”) I will admit the neighborhood is pretty, clean, spectacular homes. I have an interest in modern architecture and design, so I enjoy going for walks/drives and looking at the new developments; but I don’t know what these people do to pass their time. I guess everyone is different! The rest of this post will be pictorial. Because you have never seen South Dakota before and you’re curious. As I said, I do love design and architecture, so hopefully some of you will as well and enjoy these different style homes! Enjoy the pindh:



I LOVE this home!! If I ever build a home I want it to look like this unless I find something better I like lol.



Enter a caption

I have noooo idea what this is supposed to be?????




This house is being built with an elevator. Laziness at its best! I guess if you are old and have money to burn on useless things, more power to ya!


My parents are actually friends with the Indian couple that live here in this weird shaped home lol




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