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To Airbnb or not to Airbnb. That is the question. I got my answer.

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb. That is the question. I got my answer.

Everyone bambaclot raves about this site!! So I gave it a go last May when I was booking Miami. I’m very, very picky with where I stay. If I don’t stay somewhere that’s comfortable my whole trip is ruined/it affects my mood. Don’t kill my vibe brav! So I found a few really nice places for good prices! Since I’m the most indecisive, I spend a few hours a couple evenings until I found the one <3. Then of course, the indecisiveness kicked back in so I quadruple checked to make sure I didn’t miss anything!! Time was a wasting, so I went for it. I was pretty happy and excited with my choice!! I received a few messages on whatsapp from the girl whose room I would be renting and I thought I did a thorough job on questioning her..threw in a few tricks questions too ;). She was basically going back home to Russia and her roommate would be there if I needed anything. Everything seemed great! I recall at that point I had been dealing with a few issues regarding the trip and a couple other things I needed to handle on a checklist, so I was SO thrilled when I was able to check this off my list! It was a big sigh of relief. I slept well that night, which wasn’t the case for about 3 weeks leading to that night.

I woke up the next morning feeling FABULOUS….until I checked my phone. #garbar. (ask your Indian neighbor what that means) the girl in her broken English sent me a message saying she made a mistake and her landlord doesn’t allow sublets into the building so we need to cancel. HASHTAG HUUUUUHHHH??????

So many thoughts ran through my head but I was in shock, I was speechless. I tried to explain to her how in New York a lot of places aren’t “supposed” to sublet or airbnb out their places but you do it anyways. Just keep your mouth shut homie!!! She was still like no. I was so angry, so bummed. You know when you just lay there and stare at the wall forever frozen. Ya mon. No good. As I said I had a checklist of things to take care of regarding apartments, moving, this holiday ect all at once so every step needed to be placed accordingly. So you don’t understand how I wanted to slam somebody at oncoming traffic 🙂 #insertangelicface

I had errands to run that day involving my apartment shift. I took a cab from apt A to apt B. As I was exiting the cab, I swiped my card — and its declined…….???????????? I’m so frustrated right now! There was absolutely no reason for my card to get declined!! This didn’t make sense and my female hormones were kicking in so I’m UUPPSSEETTTTT. (Lol I’m laughing at this story now!! God I was so enraged that other people felt it, who usually give me crap on a 24/7 basis but that day they totally didn’t so ya know it was bad – hahaha) I called my bank and they said my account was frozen due to FRAUD ACTIVITY IN MY AREA WHAT THE PAGH, SON????????

Luckily my cab driver was nice and said I have used their cab service multiple times so he trusts me to pay him after I straightened this mess out. The bank fixed my account on the spot thank god, but I don’t know, I was so flustered it took me a while to figure out that it was a scam from airbnb. I have a good friend who airbnb’s out a room in her apartment (and has been for years) and it’s worked extremely well for her. This was my first time actually using the site and I guess I didn’t associate it with something like craigslist, which we all know is Scamistan.

In conclusion, I was pretty shocked with my experience. I was too naive to think scams occurred on this site. I thought it was just as legit as any tripadvisor ect. And this person was soo good, like a scammer by profession!! They whatsapped me and had some blonde Russian girl’s pic on their whatsapp pic and she looked totally normal. What’s scary is I think about how we were messaging back and forth and I could see their time stamp and when they were online ect and the whole time I thought it was some normal girl and it was probably some dirty, disgusting Russian mafia dirty old smoky man!!

After this all happened, I stayed away for a few good weeks, but then one day I was curious because I spoke to someone who told me about an amazing place they found. So I tried scanning through again to see if I could identify a scam from a solid. I don’t know man, I’m turned off and I don’t think its an option for me anymore. Once you lose trust it’s hard to gain it back!