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Korean Magical Lip Powder

Korean Magical Lip Powder

Korea, and for that matter Japan, are definitely places with some unique beauty trends, fashion and style! The Korean beauty market is like no other and there are a lot of people who love their products so much that they purchase them online regularly. Japanese products as well. I can’t be bias, Asia as a whole has a remarkable beauty industry. Korea and Japan for some reason tend to stand out more globally, which is why I am pointing them out. I’m honestly not that familiar with a lot of the products in that scene or which might be “better” (it’s all a personal choice at the end of the day) but it’s always cool to go to foreign countries and see what the trends are there!


I recently noticed some beauty bloggers I follow reviewing this product and I thought it was very unique and fun! This is by no means a high-end luxury product, but it just looks fun to try and it contains essential oils and other natural products, so that should make you feel good.

The brand’s name is RiRe and their lip powder is a unique, interesting and fun product that, as implied by it’s name, starts off as a powder, then once applied, it magically turns into a liquid lipstick consistency.


It’s understandable to think a power may end up becoming flaky and dry; but this product is made with essential oils from chamomile, rosemary extract, peppermint and natto gum (fermented boiled soybeans) to help lock moisture in and keep your lips smooth and hydrated.



This lip powder comes in a small, transparent plexiglass with a black cap. Through the body of the tiny bottle you can see the fine powder and inside the cap is an angled applicator. It’s actually really small and difficult to use, so you do have to be careful. You must also be careful when opening the bottle because the powder is super fine, similar to translucent powder, and may spill.



RiRe Lip Powder comes in four colors:










What you do is you swipe the applicator on the inner portion of  your lips going outwards. Meaning you start from the inner side, which is a bit more damp and moist, and thus the magic of the powder begins! The powder becomes creamy as soon as it touches your lips. On dry lips (like the outer portion) it doesn’t get as creamy. Be aware though that the color of the powder changes to a slightly different color when applied to the skin. The colors look distinct when swatched on the arm, but on the lips you will see that Hot Plum and Fashion Red look almost similar. Sugar Rose is a less intense pink/cherry and Orange Pop looks like a classy red shade on the lips. The colors are still smooth and nice but its not an exact match to the powder when applied.


RiRe Lip Powder can help you achieve a smooth, refreshing and persistent lip coverage. The powder emulsion forms a pigmented layer covered by a glossy layer once it touches your lips. Buildable colors allow you to go from soft to vivid in just a few swipes. The powder leaves a soft stain. Depending on the layers you can make the stain stronger or softer.


This is another cosmetic line that has become a craze over the past months especially on social media platforms. The RiRe Lip Powders have such a unique texture and they feel so lightweight on the lips. The downside of this product is the short applicator, which makes the application a little difficult. It is definitely worth a shot though because it’s different and fun! It’s a Korean product you can purchase online at amazon and other such sites.



-Karen Bahri