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Arianna Skincare’s 7 year anniversary!

Arianna Skincare’s 7 year anniversary!

As I was strolling through the village, something cute and colorful caught my eye. It was this display:


Then a woman said to me “do you know what this REALLY is?” AAANNNDDD being a beauty enthusiast I knew it was a bath soap! LOL!! I walked with her into the cute little shop on Bleeker street and it was sooo luxurious inside!



View of first window display from inside


View of second window display from inside

The lovely lady, named Jenn, asked me to give her my hand and she scooped up a scrub and told me to fold it around my hands thoroughly. After a few minutes she was like “are you ready?? Make sure you are ready!! You sure you’re ready??” – and man, I thought I was ready but I was not! As I started rinsing my hands, I kid you not, they literally felt like silk!!


I mean I have gone to several such skincare shops and felt a difference in my skin after doing the same thing, but this was a few notches up!! I was really amazed! She showed me some other lotions and scrubs for the body and then we talked about facial skin care.


She had me test a peel on my arm which left my skin feeling so fresh. You could actually see the color difference compared to my other arm. It visibly took away dirt, sun spots and impurities from my skin instantly! The best part – you only have to leave it on your skin for 30 seconds!! My problem with most of my face masks I own is that you have to leave it on for 15-20 mins. I don’t have patience like that. That’s such a first world problem!! UGH!



Jenn was really thorough in explaining to me how to use all the products. She was also sweet enough to offer me an amazing deal since it was their 7 year anniversary this weekend! She told me if I bought the peel, she would give me a body lotion, facial exfoliant, body exfoliant AND a hand cream all for free!! I was like okay this is totally worth it!!!!! If you know me, I usually never do this. I usually just walk out empty handed.

Now, if you think the fun already started – think again – NOW she told me they are doing a thing on their site where they are recording customers trying on the products for marketing their 7 year anniversary. I was totally game!! OBVIOUSLY lol!!!



So she took a video of me applying an eye serum and cream she additionally showed me. I totally winged it! haha! It was so much fun! If you are on my social media, I have posted it on pretty much all the social media I am on. If you are not on my pages, you should be lol but if you are anti-social media, feel free to ask me if you would like to see it.



The Moroccan/German mixed Isreali beauty (what an exoticccc and beautiful mix!!!! And if you are al little confused, She is half Moroccan, half German but grew up in Isreal) again decided to be so kind and generous to me and gave me 3 sample sized packages of the eye serum and cream!!! Shout out to Jenn! She is soo wonderful!!





In conclusion, I really want to address the story behind this product and why I truly support them. CEO and founder of Arianna Skincare, Miri Torres, was inspired to create an all-natural skincare line after her struggle with Lymphoma cancer. Miri was diagnosed in 1998 with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease. After harsh chemotherapy treatments, her skin suffered and her immune system became weak due to her aggressive treatments. Her goal was to find a solution to help repair her skin naturally. During her research Miri found her answer from the lowest place on earth: The Dead Sea.



Thank you soo much to Jenn and Arianna Skincare for the amazing service!!! Jenn was so warm and hospitable and my experience at Arianna Skincare was magnificent! I highly recommend you go checking them out! The location I went to was on 325 Bleecker Street. Their website is: https://www.arianna-skincare.com 


ALLLLLL the products I came home with!! 🙂

-Karen Bahri