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My first encounter of my mother’s land

It only takes all this to go to India!

It only takes all this to go to India!

Well, I’m semi-lying when I call it my mothers land. Mama Bahri was born and raised in Kenya. But she moved back to India in her teen years and we have a lot of relatives from her side in India.

ANYWAYS, India…India, INDIA. Where do I EVENN begin!!!! Arriving in Delhi airport. I had a long night ahead of me. I could only find a flight with an overnight layover in Delhi (I sorta was trying to do the “trip within a trip” thing here too, but not really bc this was all they had and it was overnight so I wasn’t planning on hanging out in the big bad city by myself at night). I initially thought this layover was going to be tedious and annoying because I just wanted to get to Punjab, take a showerrrrr and see what it looks like, see my family members, and see what situation I was going to be staying/sleeping (!!!)

So lets start with the confusion factor which happens (at least to me) every time I step off the plane into a foreign city. I just follow everyone else bc I don’t know where to go. I saw a bunch of ladies wearing those doctor masks on their mouths (I guess to keep germs away) kinda strange…! Then they handed me an Ebola form to fill out…! #gotcha


After that I roamed around in duty free and a few of the shops. I needed to find a place to sit and chill for a few hours while I figured out how to kill the night in the airport. I found an uncomfortable place to sit with a loud family who were not controlling their screaming kids, so as tired as I was, I got back up. I walked out to a different corner of the airport and ALL THE SUDDEN something fabulous happened…I heard Bollywood music!!! LOL! Those who know me well know Indian music is THE one thing that perks me up no matter what!!! So, I turn and turn until I discovered it was coming from this FUNKYYYYY, cute, cute little airport bar!!! PERFECTTTT!! I was so excited I had to break out my phone and take a video LOL (which, of course, didn’t give the whole situation justice. BOO!) so I go over and sit. Here begins the beginning of my fabulous evening and fabulous new friends!!!

First thing is first, I noticed (as always in any airport) the prices for a glass of wine were really pricy. I really wouldn’t have cared if they had a bigger list of wines but they barely had anything. The lack of beverage choices was soon made up for from the outstanding company I had that evening! The bartender and the manager were SOOO cool & we clicked instantaneously!!! Honestly, I just figured I would sit at the bar on my phone and people watch for a few hours, but I ended up having the best time hanging out with some cool Delhiites who were sooo lovely, extremely hospitable and fun conversation!! Very helpful too.

I’m very curious about people (especially Indian people) from other parts of the world (especially India) and how they are similar/different from Indians I am used to growing up in the United States. I wont get into what I thought the youngster of India would be like, but I’ll just say these guys were sooo nice, hospitabe, Indianized, hilarious and very kind! I was very happy to have made amazing friends who I am still in touch with now (and who are reading this blog I hope lol) within the first hour of my arrival. After about 5 hours I thought I better stop bothering these guys and let them finish their work LOL. So I went to the overnight lounge area to get a little shut eye before my morning flight to Chandigarh.

The lounge was pretty nice but I basically slept on an oversized chair, which was not AS uncomfortable as it looked. I was so tired though it was fine for a few hours. I must note that I wished the reception here was as amazing as my bar boys…..!

Relaxing in the sleeping lounge on my

Relaxing in the sleeping lounge on my “bed” for the night.

Morning came and I was really annoyed when I checked out from the overnight lounge (or whatever it’s called..I know I keep calling it that, it could be called something completely different!) I was heading out to find my flight and the guy told me I have plenty of time and I should wait. I was very impatient and told him I can wait at the gate. He insisted I wait there.

I finally saw a huge line at the elevator so I was like sorry homie, I’m out and I left. I ended up being LATE and had to RUN because they were CALLING MY NAME because the flight was about to TAKE OFF WITHOUT ME!!! GOD I WAS SO ANNOYED!! What happened next was interesting – all that running and the flight sat there for an hour and a half. Technical problems or whatever. UGH.

Finally plane took off and 45 minutes later I’m in “The City Beautiful” – Chandigarh!!!!! 🙂




Unfortunately my luggage didn’t make it and we spent the next 3 hours in the airport as my uncle, who is a lawyer at the high court (whatever that means)threatened …*cough* reasoned/worked with Jet airways to bring my luggage, which they left in Dilli (you have to collect your luggage from the Port of Entry – the dumb kid in JFK told me my bags would go straight to Chandigarh so that wasn’t my fault!! I’m not getting into this story omggg ughhhh).

So yes, I was without my luggage for 3 days. It was lovely going underwear shopping with my whole entire family….!

Oh, one last thing. I spoke about this so I might as well mention, after we FINALLY got outside the Chandigarh airport – I walked out and the first thing I heard was Bhangra!! GOOD BHANGRA MUSIC!! I wanted to start dancing but it was hard as my family was shielding me like crazy! LOL

Delhi Airport has the coolest bathroom stalls I have ever seen in my life!

Delhi Airport has the coolest bathrooms I have ever seen in my life!

I started at this for the hour and half my plane was sitting still in Delhi waiting to take off

I stared at this for the hour and half my plane was sitting still in Delhi waiting to take off