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Keukenhof – Welcome to the Garden of Europe!


Hello Spring! I’ll be in Amsterdam soon, so let’s talk tulips!!! 🌷🌷





Keukenhof, which translates from Dutch to “kitchen garden”, is one of the largest, most beautiful flower gardens in the world! Located in Losses, Netherlands, which is not too far from Amsterdam, Keukenhof Park is home to approximately 7 million flower bulbs covering 79 acres of land planted annually. The Gardens and pavilions display eye-catching collections of not only tulips, but daffodils, orchids, hyacinths, roses, carnations, lillies, irises and many more varieties of flowers! You would think you were swimming in a sea of flowers! Be ready to be overwhelmed with a spectacular array of colors and fragrance!







Keukenhof does not contain the typical long, traditional fields of tulips one may expect. You can find those everywhere around Holland though; and there are many right outside the park, so you won’t have to trek far to find one! They are normally privately owned.




Screenshot_20180321-132055The park has an indoor section as well as a beautiful fountain and let’s not forget the castle of Keukenhof! You can also take a boat ride around the lake to view the flowers and surroundings in a more scenic way.Screenshot_20180321-134354




Screenshot_20180321-132215In Keukenhof, there are a variety of different gardens and garden styles you will find, such as the English landscape garden, the historic garden, the Japanese garden, etc. There is also a different theme each year, so you will never see the same setup twice! This unique space in the world attracts over a million visitors every year!Screenshot_20180321-132515








Note: The park is only opened from the 22nd of March to the 13th of May (so go NOW!!) from 8am to 7:30pm daily. There is a Flower Parade as well, which will be held on the 21st of April.






Unfortunately, I may actually miss it by just a day, or maybe I can try to make it my first day in Amsterdam, so watch this space!






~Karen Bahri


Arianna Skincare’s 7 year anniversary!

Arianna Skincare’s 7 year anniversary!

As I was strolling through the village, something cute and colorful caught my eye. It was this display:


Then a woman said to me “do you know what this REALLY is?” AAANNNDDD being a beauty enthusiast I knew it was a bath soap! LOL!! I walked with her into the cute little shop on Bleeker street and it was sooo luxurious inside!



View of first window display from inside


View of second window display from inside

The lovely lady, named Jenn, asked me to give her my hand and she scooped up a scrub and told me to fold it around my hands thoroughly. After a few minutes she was like “are you ready?? Make sure you are ready!! You sure you’re ready??” – and man, I thought I was ready but I was not! As I started rinsing my hands, I kid you not, they literally felt like silk!!


I mean I have gone to several such skincare shops and felt a difference in my skin after doing the same thing, but this was a few notches up!! I was really amazed! She showed me some other lotions and scrubs for the body and then we talked about facial skin care.


She had me test a peel on my arm which left my skin feeling so fresh. You could actually see the color difference compared to my other arm. It visibly took away dirt, sun spots and impurities from my skin instantly! The best part – you only have to leave it on your skin for 30 seconds!! My problem with most of my face masks I own is that you have to leave it on for 15-20 mins. I don’t have patience like that. That’s such a first world problem!! UGH!



Jenn was really thorough in explaining to me how to use all the products. She was also sweet enough to offer me an amazing deal since it was their 7 year anniversary this weekend! She told me if I bought the peel, she would give me a body lotion, facial exfoliant, body exfoliant AND a hand cream all for free!! I was like okay this is totally worth it!!!!! If you know me, I usually never do this. I usually just walk out empty handed.

Now, if you think the fun already started – think again – NOW she told me they are doing a thing on their site where they are recording customers trying on the products for marketing their 7 year anniversary. I was totally game!! OBVIOUSLY lol!!!



So she took a video of me applying an eye serum and cream she additionally showed me. I totally winged it! haha! It was so much fun! If you are on my social media, I have posted it on pretty much all the social media I am on. If you are not on my pages, you should be lol but if you are anti-social media, feel free to ask me if you would like to see it.



The Moroccan/German mixed Isreali beauty (what an exoticccc and beautiful mix!!!! And if you are al little confused, She is half Moroccan, half German but grew up in Isreal) again decided to be so kind and generous to me and gave me 3 sample sized packages of the eye serum and cream!!! Shout out to Jenn! She is soo wonderful!!





In conclusion, I really want to address the story behind this product and why I truly support them. CEO and founder of Arianna Skincare, Miri Torres, was inspired to create an all-natural skincare line after her struggle with Lymphoma cancer. Miri was diagnosed in 1998 with stage 4B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma disease. After harsh chemotherapy treatments, her skin suffered and her immune system became weak due to her aggressive treatments. Her goal was to find a solution to help repair her skin naturally. During her research Miri found her answer from the lowest place on earth: The Dead Sea.



Thank you soo much to Jenn and Arianna Skincare for the amazing service!!! Jenn was so warm and hospitable and my experience at Arianna Skincare was magnificent! I highly recommend you go checking them out! The location I went to was on 325 Bleecker Street. Their website is: https://www.arianna-skincare.com 


ALLLLLL the products I came home with!! 🙂

-Karen Bahri

St. Ives Pop Up Shop!

St. Ives Pop Up Shop!

As I was walking down the shops in SoHo this weekend, this caught my eye:


St. Ives opened it’s first ever pop up shop in SoHo! Unfortunately it’s only temporary around; but I would assume depending on the way things go hopefully they will launch an actual store.




I’m sure just about everyone has an empty tube of St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the back of their shower they have forgotten about. What’s not to love about this product line?! I grew up using it. It’s cheap, it’s all natural; making it a great scrub which has always made my skin look and feel better than many of the more pricy scrubs and lotions I have tried.




The concept behind this shop is that you can customize your very own face scrub or body lotion, starting with their 100% natural exfoliants, extracts, or moisturizers.




Their exclusive Mixing Bar contains over 50 ingredient combinations. The combinations are endless! But in the end, you will have created your very own unique mix!!






Umm, they also have a really cool photo booth!! With a hashtag so you can jump on insta and hash the crap out of your pics. YASSS!!!!! 😁🙋‍♀️




The staff is really friendly. The decor is fresh and fun. They also sell candles. You could wind up spending a whole afternoon there – but you have to hurry! The pop up shop is only around until the 30th of June! So get going before it’s gone!




-Karen Bahri


Burano, Italy – walking through a Kaleidoscope of Colours!

Burano, Italy – walking through a Kaleidoscope of Colours!

Colorful Burano, Italy!

I know you all may be noticing a pattern on my last few posts, as well as some of my instagam photos so far this year. It’s all kind of collaging (or kaleiding hehe) into a huge “cute European village” type vibe. But hey! I’ve been discovering these places and they are toooo cuuuutttee not to share with my Kaleidoscopers, so why not, hey!

This time, I am taking you all to a little Island off the northern coast of Italy!

Grab some vino & leggo to BURANOOOOO!!! 

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon, in northern Italy. Similar to Venice, it’s like an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges. The island is known for its chic lace work and brightly colored fisherman’s cottages!




The island is situated 4 miles from Venice. You can take a “vaporetti”, which is a Venetian motorboat, and be there in about 40 minutes which adds to the thrill of visiting this vibrantly colorful, yet calm and happy place!




The current population of Burano is about 2,800. There are many other small islands surrounding Burano as well, but out of them Burano has a high population density at more than 13,000 per square kilometer!That is more than twenty times the density of neighboring island, Mazzorbo. It’s also almost entirely covered by residential buildings, with very few small green areas.




Burano’s small, brightly painted houses are popular among the artists circle. The colors of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development. Therefore, if someone wishes to paint their home, they have to send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colors permitted for that lot.




Visiting this island is like stepping back in time. On the island’s meandering narrow streets, you will see laundry strung up between buildings, bicycles &  boats parked up, as well as many ladies sitting in the sun, chatting with their neighbors, while creating delicate Burano lace. Lace is part of the island’s history dating way back to around the 16th century.




Don’t be fooled by the size of this charming little island! There is actually quiet a bit to do! The colorful houses and buildings make for a very picturesque, enjoyable stroll on these breathtaking streets and lots of brilliant photo taking! You can also  browse through one of the many lace shops, which some may be a bit on the pricier side, but definitely worth every penny.




It’s key to note that while arriving in Burano, you will find yourself heading down a narrow street full of shops selling lace, including pretty umbrellas and fans. This after passing by one of the few green areas on the island, of course! These shops are highly attractive and very few people can manage to escape from this little street without being lured into one of the gorgeous shops full of colorful scarves, dresses and other such accessories and souvenirs.




You can also pay a visit to the Museo del Merletto (Museum of Lacemaking). There are many lively shops, cafes, bars and even a cinema as well! As you wander across the many little bridges, you will notice the somewhat ominously leaning bell-tower of The Church of San Martino.




The pictures alone speak for themselves – Burano is a charming, breathtaking  and enchanting island full of a kaleidoscope of colors for photography nuts and well worth the effort!




-Karen Bahri

Korean Magical Lip Powder

Korean Magical Lip Powder

Korea, and for that matter Japan, are definitely places with some unique beauty trends, fashion and style! The Korean beauty market is like no other and there are a lot of people who love their products so much that they purchase them online regularly. Japanese products as well. I can’t be bias, Asia as a whole has a remarkable beauty industry. Korea and Japan for some reason tend to stand out more globally, which is why I am pointing them out. I’m honestly not that familiar with a lot of the products in that scene or which might be “better” (it’s all a personal choice at the end of the day) but it’s always cool to go to foreign countries and see what the trends are there!


I recently noticed some beauty bloggers I follow reviewing this product and I thought it was very unique and fun! This is by no means a high-end luxury product, but it just looks fun to try and it contains essential oils and other natural products, so that should make you feel good.

The brand’s name is RiRe and their lip powder is a unique, interesting and fun product that, as implied by it’s name, starts off as a powder, then once applied, it magically turns into a liquid lipstick consistency.


It’s understandable to think a power may end up becoming flaky and dry; but this product is made with essential oils from chamomile, rosemary extract, peppermint and natto gum (fermented boiled soybeans) to help lock moisture in and keep your lips smooth and hydrated.



This lip powder comes in a small, transparent plexiglass with a black cap. Through the body of the tiny bottle you can see the fine powder and inside the cap is an angled applicator. It’s actually really small and difficult to use, so you do have to be careful. You must also be careful when opening the bottle because the powder is super fine, similar to translucent powder, and may spill.



RiRe Lip Powder comes in four colors:










What you do is you swipe the applicator on the inner portion of  your lips going outwards. Meaning you start from the inner side, which is a bit more damp and moist, and thus the magic of the powder begins! The powder becomes creamy as soon as it touches your lips. On dry lips (like the outer portion) it doesn’t get as creamy. Be aware though that the color of the powder changes to a slightly different color when applied to the skin. The colors look distinct when swatched on the arm, but on the lips you will see that Hot Plum and Fashion Red look almost similar. Sugar Rose is a less intense pink/cherry and Orange Pop looks like a classy red shade on the lips. The colors are still smooth and nice but its not an exact match to the powder when applied.


RiRe Lip Powder can help you achieve a smooth, refreshing and persistent lip coverage. The powder emulsion forms a pigmented layer covered by a glossy layer once it touches your lips. Buildable colors allow you to go from soft to vivid in just a few swipes. The powder leaves a soft stain. Depending on the layers you can make the stain stronger or softer.


This is another cosmetic line that has become a craze over the past months especially on social media platforms. The RiRe Lip Powders have such a unique texture and they feel so lightweight on the lips. The downside of this product is the short applicator, which makes the application a little difficult. It is definitely worth a shot though because it’s different and fun! It’s a Korean product you can purchase online at amazon and other such sites.



-Karen Bahri



Stay healthy this winter before jetting off to the tropics with Aloe Vera!

Stay healthy this winter before jetting off to the tropics with Aloe Vera!


Wishing you all a happy & successful new year! The most common resolution people make on new years almost always is to get fit and travel. You want to escape the gloomy, depressing post-holiday months. You want to plan a tropical beach getaway. Once that’s all sorted, next step is you gotta get fit! See the cycle?! 😉

Whenever I am about to go somewhere, I find myself getting rediculously motivated to get fit! I always want to look and feel my best, especially when I’m about to travel somewhere. There are so many trends in the health, fitness and wellness industry, but the options that are most trusted are the ones that have been around for ages in all parts of the globe!

Lately I’ve been doing my research on the benefits of aloe based products, and wow! What a discovery! Aloe Vera is an amazing plant that grows wild in tropical climates around the world. It’s known for its natural soothing, cooling and moisturizing abilities and can help aid your skin’s natural ability to regenerate itself. Nowadays it can be found in many medical and cosmetic products including lotions, ointments, lip balms, shampoos even beverages!


Aloe Vera is GREAT for hair, skin & weighloss. It contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp, therefore, acting as a GREAT conditioner that leaves your hair smooth and shiny!!! It’s also rich in Vitamin C, E and beta carotene, which gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing qualities. It can moisturise the skin without making it greasy, which is great if you have oily skin (like me)! Also, drinking aloe vera juice early in the morning on an empty stomach improves digestion and can cure any kind of stomach trouble. The key here is that if you’ve got a healthy inside, it’ll give you a glowing outside which in this case is radiant skin!!!

Ever since I’ve been doing my research I have been finding myself purchasing products containing Aloe Vera and throwing them in my carry on luggage! Excellent way to pack healthy toiletries along with you to make you feel good on the go! There have been times when I’ve gone shop to shop looking for decent toiletries and personal care items but the travel sections are normally filled with such items that don’t contain the healthiest ingredients for you. A lot of drug stores carry the most dated items in the travel section, and everything is usually also in limited quantity.


Let’s face it! We all want to look good and feel good before we jet off to a tropical island! And then you want to glow and stay healthy while you are out enjoying paradise as well! I know, I know, you are thinking “yes, my Punjabi princess, but I don’t know where in my small village in the middle of nowhere Germany they sell good quality aloe vera products.” Well, Gertrude, sweetheart, I got you covered! 😉

Follow the link below to discover an amazing variety of aloe vera products to get you prepped for your next exciting getaway! I bet you never thought of certain products containing this wonderfully hydrating plant! The harsh winter winds can really take a toll on your skin, but thats where this magical plant comes in to rid you of that dull, dry, flaky skin! Trust me, you will feel soo good and then you will have one less worry pre-vacation!


If you have additional questions or concerns, all of the contact info is provided in the link. Happy & healthy shopping!


Welcome to my Kaleidoscope!



Welcome to my blog and to my first blog entry! My blog is going to be a kaleidoscope of travel, experiences, culture, beauty, fashion, advice and other random thoughts.

Traveling is my biggest passion!! I want to go everywhere and see everything!! I’ve learned through past travels how small this world is, and how similar as human beings we are. I’ve had some memorable experiences so far, and knock on wood, not too many bad experiences. It’s interesting who you can meet, what you can see and experiences you can partake in when you are out in this world! The world Is a very colorful place.

The Wikipedia description of a kaleidoscope is that it is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off of the mirrors; hence, observation of beautiful forms. I invite you to observe the beautiful forms of life through my kaleidoscope. I promise it to be a colorful ride!