Two years

Two years

And here comes another year..




I wrote out a long winded post or whatever, more like diary entry, but I think I am going to keep that private. The jist of what I have realised this year is that at some point, everybody goes through a loss, as it’s a part of life. It still sucks though. I am still strong and we will all still go through life but it’s okay to have our space too. At the end of the day we are all human right now. It’s also oddly hitting me as I wonder where my father is right now. He always answers my questions but I’ve been asking him a lot lately, dad, WHERE ARE YOU??? And I’m not getting an answer. So are you listening or ….where are you?


My long winded post from last year is linked below (with my original post linked inside that link – meaning when it first happened, and I actually posted that on his birthday which is in 5 days, I don’t know where he’s celebrating or with who. Maybe our other family members who have left this earth? I don’t know. I wish he would tell me soon.) That link is posted first. Fyi they are kind of emo so if you can’t handle that do not click the links.

My only advice right now is to never be too busy for the people in your life. Always realise that tomorrow may not happen so do what you have to do now. Don’t put things off. I think I say that enough.


Anyways, can’t believe it’s been two years. I hope dad is happy and comfortable wherever he is. And btw I am strong and this is not meant for any “pity” as I mentioned before everyone will have to go through a loss in life, and you will deal with it however suits you. We can all have our moments but we must all stay strong and healthy. I just want to say my piece as my dad has always stood by me and done soo much for me. And to be honest, that was the absolute hardest, worst, scariest event of my life. Dad’s funeral/cremation. If you have gone through it, you know what I mean. ✌️

An abrupt life change:

Last year:

Dad’s favorite song:


~Karen Bahri


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