Doha – the new Dubai.

Doha – the new Dubai.

Skyline – Doha, Qatar





I watch a lot of youtube and a lot of vloggers. There is a very popular Arab vlogger from NYC named Adam Saleh whose family is from Yemen. Recently he went to Doha for a meet & greet. The crowd was wild!! The show shut down because too many people showed up and they bombarded his car! This happened sometime in July. I recently came across another Yemeni vlogger from Birmingham, UK (aka my 2nd home) who happened to go to Doha also for a study abroad for a month. He was working at a TV studio during that time. He filmed a vlog of his experience going to the Adam Saleh meet & greet and it was soo cool to watch from a fan’s perspective! I felt bad because this kid (his YouTube name is MuTube, his name is something Muslim and difficult so I am not going to butcher it and try to spell it here lol, but I think its like Muath or something. I told you I shouldn’t have tried!!!) Anyways, I felt bad because he’s newer in the YouTube scene and really wanted to meet Adam since they are both Yemini youtubers, and its not like that’s a common thing! He didn’t get to meet him bc the crowd was insane but his vlog was really, really cool to watch!

So on his journey from his flat to the mall where the meet & greet was at he talked about some interesting facts about Doha. It’s basically a city in construction and in maybe 5-10 years it is going to vanquish Dubai! That kinda scares me because Dubai has been high on my list and I hope to get there before it’s old news and deflated lol.

if interested, here’s the link, watch it after you finish reading MY blog lol:

Doha, the capital of the small, gas-rich gulf state of Qatar, has more than its fair share of eclectic architecture. Its not typical shapes of buildings like we have here in New York. It’s very futuristic!

21st-century Doha has much more to offer visitors than a quirky skyline. The city has been designated the Arab Capital of Culture. So, if nearby Dubai is the Las Vegas of the UAE, Doha sees itself more as a smart Geneva – wealthy, progressive and vaguely neutral. It is home to the Middle East’s independent news network, al-Jazeera, and every autumn holds its own version of the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival!!!

The population of Doha is overwhelmingly composed of expats whereas Qatari nationals for a minority. The largest portion of expats  are from South East & South Asia, as well as North Africa. There are also a number of Europeans, North Americans, South Africans & Australian’s.

Something important to make note of, is that they do not use street numbers or even street names in their addresses. Therefore it is often difficult to find a place, and people navigate by using landmarks.

Shopping is a major leisure pursuit of many Qataris and expats, and you can expect cheaper prices than Dubai. Bargaining is still a thing there, unlike in India nowadays! Mall culture is a thing in Doha. I know that’s not a surprise since Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the same! Most malls in Doha are open from 10am to 10pm Saturday to Thursday. Most will be closed on Friday mornings but will open up during the evening, when they’ll be the most crowded. Also, be aware that some malls schedule “Family Days”, where single men will be turned away at the door — say whaaatttt?!?! However, most Westerners will be allowed in, but brown-skinned persons (particularly South Asians dressed in desi gear) will be turned away (racissstttt!!!)

So From MuTube vlogs, he vlogged inside the Villagio mall in one episode and throughout the whole segment he was freaking out at the size and beauty of the shopping center! They have a mini Venice IN the mall! Like a full fledged Canal! They also have a fake sky on the ceiling to make you feel like you are outside. It’s known that the entertainment in the malls in the UAE are nothing like malls anywhere else! I meannn it’s so hot in these countries they need a big huge air conditioned center for entertainment that doesn’t involve alcohol since its haram in those countries!!


You can’t go to any Middle Eastern country without checking out the souqs! Souq al Waqif, the oldest souq, or bazaar, in the country. The old part is newly renovated, the newer parts have been reconstructed in a historical style. Souq Waqif is the top tourist destination in Doha! It is noted for selling traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It is also home to dozens of restaurants and Shisha lounges. Although it dates back at least a hundred years, it was renovated in 2006 to conserve its traditional architectural style. Here are some photos I found online that are soo inviting!! I wish I could be there right now strolling the streets people watching:



Souq al Waqif in the evening. Doha, Qatar


Anyways, I look forward to going there one day and updating and expanding my thoughts on this up and coming city for you guys!







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