Travel Disaster pt 2


Okay I needed that breather. Now for the rest of the story:

All is fine at this point (so I thought) I got a good snooze on the plane since that didn’t happen at JFK, and we are in Chicago! I enjoyed the few hours I had in Chicago. It reminded me of my youth as I grew up in Michigan less than an hour from Chicago. There were a lot of Indians at the airport but they looked different than NY’ers. Midwest Indians, how do I describe them..I guess “us” because my roots are there, although now I am a complete New Yorker to the core. Midwest Indians are good kids from good suburban homes. Clean looking, interesting more exotic names. They talk just like white people do but they are very Indianized and very proud of it. They appreciate the beauty of our culture. They all go to dance practice, be it for Diwali shows or weddings. They are pretty and young. The girls wear thick, perfect eyeliner. These were my thoughts as I waited to board my final flight lol. Oh, also I observed how regardless of Chicago being a major city, people were still slow. New Yorkers are always in a hurry!! These people were smiley too. New Yorkers are friendly but not overly smiley. We aren’t overboard about kindness as they are in the Midwest. We are kind, but its more real.

So the plane finally reaches my parents Iowan town and its circling. The Midwest got hit with snow on Friday and they felt the conditions were not safe enough to land, so what do they do???? Take us to some RANDOM TOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF NEBRASKA FOUR HOURS AWAY!!! (when I say 4 hours I mean driving distance. It was like 30 mins in the plane.) So we get off and I am furious!!! I call my dad and am screaming on the phone while these farm children call their families and laugh at the situation. UM no. I have already been through enough on this journey and its not like I have a lot of time off. Finally they decide they think they can try to take us back…thank god!! We get on the plane again and get to my parents town…they circle a bit and DECIDE TO GO BACK TO THAT NAMELESS TOWN IN NEBRASKA!!!! This time was horrible because they were getting ready to book us a hotel!!! I WAS NOT ABOUT TO STAY IN THIS EMPTY, FREEZING GHOST TOWN!!!

They decided to give it one last try around 8pm. THIRD IS A CHARM!!!! We landed. Thank god!!!!


  • I will never fly out of LaGuardia ever again in my life.
  • I will make a very good attempt to avoid American Airlines as well.
  • I will never travel domestic in the winter/end of fall/beginning of spring ever again.




About kbahri114

Hi! I'm a luxury lifestyle blogger from New York City. My roots come from India and I grew up in a Punjabi home and was raised with Hindu traditions in America. I am extremely in touch with my culture thankfully, which is why I have a great appreciation towards all cultures of the world! We have been blessed with the gift of life on the planet earth. When I'm 90 years old lying on my death bed looking back at my life, I want to make sure I took full advantage of this beautiful life I was blessed with. I want to explore as much of this amazing world we live in and live life to the fullest! I knew traveling was something I had to start doing and will continue to do. I've always been intrigued by the world and different cultures. I have always wanted to explore and see as much of the world as I can! Life is all about experiences, meeting people, learning new ways and concepts and taking risks. This blog is meant to be fun & entertaining but it also provides my personal experiences and what you might expect to discover while traveling. It also will include fashion and beauty posts as well as random thoughts and stories, since a kaleidoscope is meant to be a colorfully shaken mix of entertainment! I hope you find my blog interesting, fun, funny & informative, but most of all entertaining!!

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