Are you game for a trip around the world?!??!

Are you game for a trip around the world?!??!

Zaji Girl Vespa

I just read this article:

Dang son!!!! What an amazing adventure!! I remember reading about the girl (now that I think about it, I remember reading about 2 different girls. Australians. I think?) who sailed around the world. I’ve heard plenty of stories in my days of people who have flown an around the world trip. Sounds cool! Sounds a bit too good to be true though. And expensive!! I thought I would check it out and go over it with my lovely blog readers. So yes, lets check it out together and plan a fake trip!! 🙂

Here’s a website I found:

So after I clicked on “Build your Round the World Itinerary” and got to the page with the rules I was like whatareyousayingthisiswaytoocomplicatedtoprocessonafridaymorningughhhh

I mean obviously there are rules but I totally feel sorry for the people who work customer service for this company after I read/or tried to read the rules. Anyways, lets plan the trip!!

I went with option #1 on the left hand side of the screen.

  • Start off in NYC of course (I chose JFK airport & decided to go Eastbound)

(I really wanted to stop in Trinidad but ITDIDNTLETME!!!!)

  • Havana, Cuba (assuming US citizens can go there now!!)
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Marrakech, Morocco (This was tough bc I’d like to go to Casablanca too and some other places, but I once met a Moroccan who told me Marrakech is just like Aladdin, so yeah. Done)
  • Nice, France (although I would love to explore Monaco , Cannes, St. Tropez and other parts of the South of France..this was a tough choice too)
  • Venice, Italy (God, another hard one!!! Italy is one of those places in which I want to explore many places throughout the country!!)
  • Split, Croatia
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Mumbai, India
  • Male, Maldives



*#!^&*@%#?!&#^%#*^$#@% !!!!!!

  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Cebu, Philippines
  • Guam (I actually was trying to figure out an exotic island in this region OMG the pics I found of Guam look ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!)
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Papeete, French Polynesia
  • San Jose Cabo, Mexico
  • Roatan, Honduras

Okay so I clicked the button to create the flight path and they told me my list is invalid!! LOL. I think it didn’t work because follow the rules regarding the flight path and well, my list is just LONG. Luckily I was just playing! But if the opportunity DOES strike for me to embark on such an adventure….its going to take foreverrrrr to plan!!!

My thoughts on this website though (although I am assuming anywhere you try to book an around the world trip would all be similar) kinda is annoying because you take so much time figuring out where you want to go and do research on new, exotic places to add to your list, and then they wanna tell you your trip is invalid. FAIL. It just seems tedious & time consuming. Plus I wonder how long you are able to stay at each destination, which is a whole nuther set of planning and researching!! I usually like to take little excursions when I go places too. But I guess if you are focused, determined and plan it all properly I’m sure it would be an experience of a lifetime for sure!!!! It’s IS something that I wouldn’t mind adding to my bucketlist. I think I would want to make sure I was financially stable enough and able to take the time. So could be a future bucketlist addition for sure!

How did you guys do??? Let me know if you tried it out & where you planned on going!



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