Kind Strangers in Abu Dhabi


I had a 6 hour layover in AD on my way to India last year. I planned this on purpose. Actually, I was trying to find an 11 hour layover in Dubai but that didn’t happen! I love long layovers (most of the time) because they are like a mini trip within a trip!

My plan was to see the Grand Mosque and then go to a mall, not to shop, but to people watch. They seem to be  big on “mall culture” there.

After an extremely long flight, the first thing I had to do as soon as I got to the airport (the American in me) of course, was to switch on the wifi and check my phone like crazy as I was going through security!! Nowwww, don’t roll your eyes!! The only reason was that I wanted to message my family in India and tell them I arrived at my layover okay!! 😛

Next, I went to exchange currency. I was a little confused because what they told me didn’t really match the research I did. At any rate, I wasn’t exchanging much so I didn’t argue over it.

I got outside and it was GORGEOUS….and very hot!! LOL! I ran into a bit more confusion with dealing with the cab driver and the cost to go to the Grand Mosque. I remember being really tired too so nothing was really comprehending! Luckily there was a nice person overhearing what was going on and offered to allow me to join him in a cab and drop me off on the road not too far from where the Mosque was. I was a bit hesitant since this was a foreign land and you never know how people can be, but I agreed. if he was going to kill me, at least the cab driver would be a witness!

This person (whose name I don’t even remember) basically moved to AD from London and seems to be living THE life! Works from home, travels to London for work here and there. Works 4 days a week, vacations a lot, lives in an amazing home. He was returning from a business trip in London and was planning on golfing that afternoon after a nap. He said he would never move back to London and life is amazing in Abu Dhabi! We had an interesting conversation and he was kind enough to tell the driver to drop me all the way off to the mosque. He also told me all about the Mosque and its history ect which was good to know! I’m the type, where whenever I make friends or meet people, its instinct to try to keep in touch, but in this situation there was no need and probably awkward and unnecessary. So when we got to the mosque I thanked him, offered him money which he refused and said goodbye and that was it. It’s amazing how God brings people in your life to help you out and then you never see or hear from them, but they are people who do kind things for you who you will never forget.

Here is a photo of my first glance at the Grand Mosque!

Grand Mosque Selfie because you have to! 🙂





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Hi! I'm a luxury lifestyle blogger from New York City. My roots come from India and I grew up in a Punjabi home and was raised with Hindu traditions in America. I am extremely in touch with my culture thankfully, which is why I have a great appreciation towards all cultures of the world! We have been blessed with the gift of life on the planet earth. When I'm 90 years old lying on my death bed looking back at my life, I want to make sure I took full advantage of this beautiful life I was blessed with. I want to explore as much of this amazing world we live in and live life to the fullest! I knew traveling was something I had to start doing and will continue to do. I've always been intrigued by the world and different cultures. I have always wanted to explore and see as much of the world as I can! Life is all about experiences, meeting people, learning new ways and concepts and taking risks. This blog is meant to be fun & entertaining but it also provides my personal experiences and what you might expect to discover while traveling. It also will include fashion and beauty posts as well as random thoughts and stories, since a kaleidoscope is meant to be a colorfully shaken mix of entertainment! I hope you find my blog interesting, fun, funny & informative, but most of all entertaining!!

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