Screaming babies while traveling


So there are two sides to this topic. Parents traveling with young kids is definitely a very stressful situation, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. On the one hand, maybe the new parents are traveling to see family who may be elder or unable to travel, so it’s up to them to lug themselves and the crying child on an airplane for 16 hours to the motherland. Maybe the babysitter bailed and mommy has to take baby with her to the other side of town on a jam packed train. Whatever the reason may be; parents travel with newborns and toddlers. Children are children and they will cry. They will scream. They will run and jump if not held down, and you and every other person will get annoyed.

I’m pretty sure the parents are embarrassed as well as exhausted and frustrated that they can’t make their child stop. They must also be concerned that their child is unhappy and I can sympathize a loving parents doesn’t wish to see their child unhappy.

On the flip side, especially for those of us without kids, we roll our eyes, get annoyed, look for ways to move seats if possible, or huff and puff frantically in our heads (this ones meeee!)

All sides agree , it’s annoying and uncomfortable situation. Some tips may be to carry earplugs to at least block SOME of the noise, practice patience skills and wait it out. This may be a good exercise for those who aim to improve their self control and patience levels. If you are bold enough with a big heart and have been in the situation, you could maybe try helping out the parents if possible.

As for the parents, I understand that you can’t control when your child will start to get moody, but you could prepare by possibly getting them to fall asleep before travelling, or may bing bringing along their favorite toys/games that you know will keep them quiet and happy.


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